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Torture is the Holy Grail of Western democratic countries

* Holy Grail: something you want (to see) but is very hard to find.

Peter Mooring - STOPEG, 10 November 2023.
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10 November 2023

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Western governments say they do not torture ... but they do. Like all other countries in the world. The whole justice and security systems in Western democratic countries is built around torture and (non-consensual) experimentation. You could also say that torture is the secret cornerstone of Western democratic countries. In their laws they call torture 'interventions'. Sometimes described as: 'Directing a person to a care and/or justice pathway'. These are extremely harsh repressive measures that have nothing to do with human rights or the ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights). Victims are not tortured in prison but in their habitat. The aim is to force a person into psychiatry, make a person commit a (staged) crime, make a person commit suicide, or use for example a staged car accident. The desired end result is the mental or physical death of a person. That is why you can call this organized murder. Many (almost random) citizens are involved and recruited by law enforcement and intelligence agencies to assist with the torture. Most have no idea that they are torturing their fellow citizens. The torture system also includes many disinformation agents used to discredit the real victims and/or mislead them. In addition, Western democratic countries use classified Directed Energy Weapons and Neurotechnologies, enabling easily deniable invisible and through-wall torture. The torture is very hidden and does not leave usable evidence. All this is of course not mentioned in laws. And because these 'interventions' are a state-secret, victims can go nowhere because there are no institutions that recognize this torture. Many innocent people are attacked and many are used as guinea pigs for advanced weapons development. In many cases the attacks start and never stop. The survivors call themselves Targeted Individuals. Torture by Western democratic countries is one of the most cruel forms of torture in history and a disgrace to humanity.