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Open letter neurotechnologies

Download as PDF: Open letter neurotechnologies

Open letter to the governments and parliaments of the world to create legislation to protect people's brains and bodies against attacks by neurotechnologies

Time is running out. We urge you to take the necessary steps to create legislation that ensures the human rights and freedoms of your country's citizens.

In March 2022, paralyzed Australian Philip O'Keefe was the first man in history to post a message on Twitter, using only his mind to type it out. To transmit thoughts from the brain to the internet or cell phone system, you just need to collect the electromagnetic waves emitted by the brain during its activity, convert them into written words and transmit them to the cell phone or its display or the internet system. To reverse this process, it suffices to transmit in the brain electromagnetic signals at the frequencies of the activity of the targeted neurons, which will absorb this energy and thus, the new neuronal activity produced from outside will appear in the brain.

Already in 1962 sounds were produced in human brains by microwaves pulsed in the frequencies of the nervous activity of the human auditory systems.

In 2007, the Washington Post wrote: „in October 1994 at the Air Force laboratory... scientists were able to transmit sentences in the heads of human subjects, albeit with marginal intelligibility". If these transmitted sentences were converted into ultrasound, people would not hear them and moreover, they would not realize it, but their brain would accept them and in this way they would become the "thoughts" of the targeted individuals. In many countries it is forbidden to use ultrasound to manipulate peoples' minds, but there is no similar ban on the manipulation of the human nervous system, brain and thought by pulsed microwaves.

In 2020, the American Academy of Sciences wrote in the report on attacks of American diplomats in Cuba and China, well known as the Havana syndrome, that the most likely cause of their problems was pulsed microwaves. It is well known that these attacks are accompanied by artificially produced sound hallucinations. It proves that pulsed microwaves are being used as a weapon already today.

In 2018, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari warned in his speech about the rise of a new totalitarianism based on access to the human brain. According to Mr. Harari, "Once we have algorithms that can understand us better than ourselves, they could predict our desires, manipulate our feelings, and even make decisions on our behalf. And if we're not careful, the outcome may be the rise of digital dictatorships".

At present, there is no legislation prohibiting the use of mind control technologies and for this the scientists in the matter feel free to work on the development of "nanobots", nanoparticles that can enter the blood and connect the brain to the Internet. Once connected to the internet the human brain's activity may be manipulated from there as well, especially if the internet is transmitted by pulsed micowaves, as it actually happens (though probably not yet in the brain frequencies, but there is a plan to connect brains to internet in the sixth generation of cell phone telephony and then the cell phone signals will be transmitted in the brain frequencies - this should happen within 10 years).

In October 2018 a scientist from the American military research agency DARPA  James Giordano said in a lecture to cadets that his agency produced nanomaterial, which can be aerosolized and when breathed in, penetrate the human brain and make it controlable from outside.

This material evidently works as an antenna, which can collect pulsed microwaves transmitted from an outside antenna in the brain. This nanomaterial is more than probably graphene which is so small that it can penetrate the blood-brain barrier. Scientists say: „The graphene implants are designed to interpret brain signals with exceptional accuracy to provide a therapeutic response adapted to the clinical condition of each patient".

In 2021 the International Bioethics Committee of UNESCO wrote: „External tools that may interfere with our decisions can call into question, or even challenge, an individual's free will, and consequently an individual's responsibilities. In this way, neurotechnology could affect freedom of thought, decision-making and action. Taken together, these could have a profound impact on justice systems and social organizations" (pg. 36) and it encourages member states to guarantee neurorights to their citizens" (pg.38).  

In September 2021, the Chilean Parliament approved a law guaranteeing Chilean citizens the rights to personal identity, free will and mental privacy.

Evidently it is now your urgent task to follow Chilean example and prove to your citizens that you are not planning to transform your state, (eventually based on democracy and respect for human rights), into a totalitarian state where the elite turn citizens into bio-robots, controlled by supercomputers.

Legislation, which is lacking in your state, should provide for the creation of teams capable of detecting electromagnetic or other attacks that produce electrical currents in the human brain or body that would deprive them of their freedom of thought and privacy or injure their body.

On March 20 2021,the Human Rights Council of the United Nations wrote: "to ensure the adequate implementation of the prohibition of torture and related legal obligations in present and future circumstances, its interpretation should evolve... also in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology and neurotechnology" (par 76). In paragraph 73 it wrote: „In practice, cybertechnology already plays the role of an 'enabler' in the perpetration of both physical and psychological forms of torture, most notably... and increasingly also through the remote control or manipulation of... medical implants and, conceivably, nanotechnological or neurotechnological devices"..

Since there are thousands of people worldwide who complain about being exposed to this kind of torture, the teams you should create should also be able to find sources of harmful radiation and should include representatives of human rights organizations, to ensure their independence from powerful state agencies.

We call on you to pool your efforts and create such legislation in order to fulfill the principles embedded in our Constitution and guarantee the citizens of our state their very basic rights and freedoms, including freedom of thought, in a fast changing world.

Please contact military neurotechnologists in your country, if you are looking for more information.

Thank you.

On June 18, 2022

Mojmír Babáček for
Citizen's Association for the Ban of Manipulation of Human Nervous System by Radiofrequency Radiation
Czech Republic

Co-signed by:

Harald Brems for
Schutzschild e.V.

Richard Lighthouse for
Targeted Justice
United States

Saroja Angadi MS.MT(ASCP), PMP for
Society of safe Bharath against covert torture and energy weapons
Ph: +91 6361495332

Peter Mooring for
STOPEG Foundation (STOP Electronic weapons and Gangstalking)
Ph: +31 6 4124 3030

Melanie Vritschan for
International Coalition Against Electronic Torture and Robotization of Living Beings (ICATOR)
Avenue Paul Hymans 120/47, B – 1200 Brussels
Ph: +32 472 11 71 27

Derrick Robinson for
PACTS, International
United States
Ph: +1-888-639-5559

Terukatsu Ishibashi for
the Board of Directors of Technological Crime Victims Network Specified Nonprofit Organization
Room47, Tozaikan Buil, 2-9-6 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0072
Ph: 03-5212-4611

Stéphane Mille for
ADVHER (Association de Defense des Victimes de Harcélement Electromagnétique et en Réseau)

Paolo Dorigo for
ACOFOINMENEF (association against all forms of mental and neurophysiological interference and control)
Ph: +39-3801836828

Giuseppe Palmieri for
Ph: +39-3928467252

Mikael Eleman for
Föreningen för hjärnans integritet i Sverige

Zofia Filipiak for
Stowarzyszenie STOP Zorganizowanym Elektronicznym Torturom
Ph: +48 500 865 420

Stanislav Kalinovsky for
Stop-torture, Canada
Ph: 1-587-707-7112

Alicia Cruz Sánchez for
C/Paseo de Lugo 1, 1°D
27400, Monforte de Lewis (Lugo)

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