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31 October 2021

Important news for anyone attacked with electromagnetic weapons (EM weapons).

  • Three former U.S. Havana embassy employees have been given permission to talk about their experiences:

    'I felt like I was being struck with something,' she said. 'Pain that I have never felt before in my life ... mostly in my head and in my eyes.... They want the world to know that what happened to them in Havana caused real suffering and documentable injuries, and that those who insist this must be a case of mass psychosis are wrong.

  • Joe Biden signed a bill into law in early October 2021 to give victims Havana Syndrome better medical care. This is a recognition that these form of attacks can have harmful effects.

This is in addition to all the information that has already become available about Havana Syndrome.

If you are being attacked, go to the police and report this!

I did this too, through the police website in The Netherlands:

  • Violence has been used against me

The police person I got on the phone had never heard of Directed Energy Weapons, such as Laser Weapons, Microwave Weapons, Millimeter Wave Weapons (Active Denial System), Sound / Sonic Weapons, etc., and checked with his colleague. I said that I really wanted to report this, even though the police cannot do much about it at this time. Don't be put off and make sure a report is filed! Refer to me / STOPEG if necessary. I said to the police officer that it was important that I had a police report because I could go to the politicians with this.

After telephone contact an appointment was made and a week later I could go to the police and tell my story. I had brought a printout of the STOPEG website It is useful to take notes with you on which (recent) dates and times you were assaulted. After a few days the police sent the report to me for my signature.

All information/proof on: (in English) is not a conspiracy website. All information on this website comes from articles in the main stream media such as CNN, NBC News, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Politico, BBC News, etc. If you don't know what Havana Syndrome is, please read the information on this website.
In short, it comes down to the following. In Havana, Cuba, US diplomats were attacked with Directed Energy Weapons. All of these diplomats were recalled to the US in 2017. This was followed by reports that diplomats and CIA employees are being attacked around the world. The US government calls this the Havana Syndrome.

Havana Syndrome is not a disease but a name for symptoms of attacks with Directed Energy Weapons. These weapons are not new but have been around for many decades. On this website you will find all the information that shows that what is happening to you is very possible:

  • Yes, there are people who walk around with EM-weapons.
  • Yes, there are people who are attacked with these weapons.
  • Yes, this gives pain.
  • Yes, experts agree that this happens with Directed Energy Weapons.
  • Yes, it is recognized. Joe Biden signed a bill to give victims of Havana Syndrome better medical care.
  • Yes, according to the NSA, there is evidence of this happening since the 1990s.
  • Yes, so far even the CIA has not been able to figure out who is doing it.
  • Yes, there are states in the US where the law states that irradiating someone is is a crime equivalent to wounding by stabbing with a knife and shooting with a firearm.

All information/evidence on the STOPEG website:

Example of email you can send to politicians, lawyers, police, human rights organizations, etc.

--- start ---
Subject: Advise to get recognition and compensation for my (often immense) suffering

Dear ...,

My name is ... living in ...
I am an ordinary citizen who has been attacked with directed energy weapons since ...

My attacks bear great resemblance to attacks mentioned in many main stream media articles about the Havana Syndrome.

Please advise or help me to get recognition and compensation for my (often immense) suffering.

Attached is a PDF with references to many main stream media articles, videos, documents, related to the Havana Syndrome.

Thank you in advance.

Hoping to hear soon from you,

Kind regards,

Attached: Havana_Syndrome_STOPEG_20211231.pdf
--- end ---

Questions and Answers

  • That was then. Now there's the Havana Syndrome. No one can say you are talking nonsense anymore. A few years ago I also tried this with the police but they couldn't / wouldn't do anything else. Now, today, they should at least take your report.
  • If you got this diagnosis because you claimed that you were attacked with such weapons then now is the time to challenge this diagnosis. Your best bet is to contact a lawyer. In the meantime, you can still go to police to file a report.
  • First, it is important for yourself. Secondly, it is important for the police. They have no way of doing anything about it now. If enough reports are filed, they can bring this up in the political arena. Thirdly, with a report you can more easily go to the politicians yourself, or possibly with a group of people who have reported it.
  • The police usually cite as a reason that there is insufficient evidence so they can't do anything with it. In most countries this is not a basis for refusing to take a report. Mention that it is also in the public interest, mention that these weapons really exist and are being used, mention that there should be laws prohibiting the use of EM-weapons against civilians, mention that you want to go to politics to bring this up.
    Investigate for your country what are the valid reasons to prevent you from filing a police report.
  • If you don't have proof that a note was made ask the police for your information, see also below. This is not difficult. Most Western countries have standard procedures for requesting access to your data known to the police. I am in The Netherlands, Europe, and requested my records from the police. I received a list of summary notes/notes known to the police. More of a date - event list. Then I was invited to visit the police. I was able to go to the police within a week. During your visit to the police, a police officer shows you the detailed information for each event. You then know what is known about you and can use this as your proof that you have indeed reported these attacks.
  • STOPEG is only one person. I do not have the means to be involved full-time. Furthermore, I get harassed myself (don't even know if it's really the person I get on the phone) so in most cases it is more convenient to do this myself.
    But of course I want to assist you, if possible, let me know.
  • Nowadays there are several possibilities to raise money. I need to explore this more myself. There are plenty of people who set up an action and raise money for it through crowdfunding. And if you have a good proposal I would be happy to join it.
  • Since the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), in 2018, it is much easier to request what data of you is known by organizations. But only if you live in the European Union (EU).
    Most EU countries have some kind government organization that gives you detailed information about this regulation and often also have example letters you can download to request your information.

Still have questions?

Call me or send an email to Peter Mooring:

+31 (0) 6 4124 3030

Investigation, legislation, compensation

The victims of these crimes demand:

  • INVESTIGATION - Investigation into these (war) crimes against civilians must be started now.
  • LEGISLATION - New laws must explicitely forbid these crimes.
  • COMPENSATION - The victims must be compensated, the perpetrators must be brought to justice.