Make connections
Often victims present a list of various things that happen to us. i.e.: itching, urge to urinate, pain etc. We can be a bit more clever than that. We need to make connections. For instance, why do they try to make us urinate? There are lots of reasons why this particular kind of harassment is useful to the perps. On a mind control level, it is useful because it programmes the victim to feel that even their most basic functions are under the control of somebody else. This must be invaluable as a tool for demoralisation of a person. Also, if they can get you to urinate on command, then they are more than halfway to getting you to obey other commands which they may implant later, via V2K. So do not respond to the urination command by simply wearing an incontinence napkin, so that you can concentrate on "more important" aspects of your torture. This is an important part and may even be the basic step in the mind control procedure, that leads to the later, more spectacular type of manipulation.
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