Don't call me a TI
I am in agreement with the growing number of victims who are rejecting the term, Targeted Individual. I have outlined some of my reasons in my blog
We need to totally reject any name that has been chosen by the perpetrators to identify us. The name has been chosen in order to be misleading.
See my burns on twitter
yes, i agree Targeted Individual ties in with the big lie that its the government doing it to them when its criminal groups doing it to claim life insurance 87% of the time. all over the world ! - FACT

I knew an extrainged member of the group. A perp !

If it is so, then close your a funeral insurance just only covers costs.
How can a strange person collect you insurance money?

they pose as friends so they can arrange life cover for a target, for example they create a fake business and suggest that the target had been working for them in some kind of professional capacity. When the poor TI dies, the poor bleating little lambs put their multiple claims in one by one.

All the criminal group want is the target's death certificate.

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