DONT dwell on things that drive you mental.
The whole object to gang stalking, is the break your train of thought. To get you paranoid, agitated and confused. I can't say that I am completely amuined to its effects but knowing why its going on at least helps.
Let's face it if they wanted to follow you around without you knowing, they have a lot of experience stemming from the Cold War.
You have to remember that the person(s) you see stalking you, is it the 1 you should be paying attention to; there's a person 30 feet or further back analyzing your reaction.
The more they can keep your head spinning around, the happier you made someone 1000 miles away reading your file.
Anything you do to these people will only make you look like a lunatic.
This information is coming to you from the person who knows what there hand signal are.
I recently had a conversation with Peter and he said you should write down with your hand signals are in the forum. After a little bit of thought I decided if I do this, I'll end up spooking thousands TI's.
So you're stocked sucks to be you, Sucks to be me too.
Try to concentrate your thoughts on how to end the problem, seeing it doesn't help any.
Remember you're only 2 emotions, All the rest stem from just too- Love and Fear.
It's obvious that you're getting the fear end of the stick.
If you wanna know what the hand signals are, call me 647-774-6411 I'll be more than happy to give your paranoia a whole new direction.
Hi Marks,
here a little help:
Good luck

I will have to look at this tomorrow they're interfering with the volume so I can't hear anything
But since my mind is under a serious mind control. I don't think I'm going to learn much
[quote='marks' pid='205' dateline='1355635712']
I will have to look at this tomorrow they're interfering with the volume so I can't hear anything
But since my mind is under a serious mind control. I don't think I'm going to learn much

Hear you a creaking plastic sound, can also be a microfilm. This is pulled through your nose, ears and they watch them with you. They can all that managed by pull this film to specific brain functions and determine how you can function. Eat acid food, lemons and everything that a film can damage it. Put the highlights with strong lamps on your eyes and do yoga cleaning with salt water. If you live in England and do you work in the service sector, or if you're against Royal House, then you can commit suicide.
Nurse Kate Middleton commits suicide / Lady Diana and so on.

No I don't work for the government service, I live in Canada.
I can guarantee what I have isn't a film or some kind of camera device stuck in my nose. I can also guarantee you that what I have it doesn't transmit.
They have taken me to a whole new level, where I'm at I can feel radio frequencies fired off at me; what frequency I don't know, but the things that I can do while it fires the frequency at me definitely is state of the art technology.
They can put me into a state where I am receptive to their ideas and at this time I'm the best friend. For me it seems liked a split second and 15 minutes will go by.
In the beginning my right eye used to tear right after that. I just called being interrogated now. This must happen while I'm awake and they can wake me wake up or make me go to sleep at the push of a button.
Every TI that I have tried to get in contact with in Canada, Is scared to talk to me After the first meet or phone call.
They Succeeded in turning a social butterfly into a hermit.
If you or anybody knows of a targeted individual in Canada. Pass them my number- 6477746411 and see what happens.
My dad sent someone to meet me from the states. He was stopped at the border, suspicion of drug smuggling and sent back home with the 200 dollar fine and that's just the latest example.

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