1st time on a forum.I'm a tell-a-path
Well thanks for Peter I was able to join a form.
What's really funny is after 3 years of being suppressed from any outside help, I find it really hard to start.
So let's start with hello from Canada.
A little bit about me, as far is the experiment side goes, I'm implanted ,mind control and my voice to skull is just water dripping from a leaky tap. The closest thing I've seen to what they call my project is project Pandora, I saw this on youtube it shows a remote control human being. The only difference is I don't look like a robot.
They also turned me into a telepath at a push of a button. And yank any help that I may receive from anybody including other targeted individuals. They don't have to make these people disappear, what I thought they always did involves drugs and doctors but recently I read some articles the say they can do this with electronic equipment while you are sleeping, I'm not convinced that they rely on this but in either case the people disappear from my life once they say I will help you.
What's really funny here is.
I promise people I can stop the whole show around the world if I get a set of xrays; Unfortunately the other side knows that and it'll try to impossible to do this.
I would like to officially thank Peter for helping me out as far as getting on to website and trying to get ahold of a few people who maybe able to help me.
If you are aware of any targeted individuals in Canada feel free to pass out my 647-774-6411 number.
The only advantage I have over everybody else is atleast I know when I'm dealing with the phoney (only in person) , I'm sure the rest of my life is just a sad and depressing as every other target individual out there.
I'm much better at answering questions so feel free to ask away

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