Report to the UK's Health Protection agency pretending I dunno the source of RADiati
Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to report the presence of what I believe to be non ionising radiation with a view to it being investigated by you and hopefully stopped.

I am a man who lives in a bedroom within a hostel for homeless persons in Brighton, UK which is on Oriental Place off Kings Road. My postcode is BN1 2FF. I live on the first floor above the kitchen, I am next to one other bedroom on the north facing side and a stairwell on the south facing side. there is a roof covering half of my room and a flat leaded roof on the other half of my room. This can be seen on google maps. Please see the attached photograph with a circle around the exact location of my bedroom.

I experience the sensation of static electricity, heating of my body tissue, headaches and heating of my ears and these symptoms occur at different times depending on the intensity of the radiated energy. I can detect the radiation as interference on a cheap AM radio I bought from a charity shop. I have covered my window with copious amounts of aliminium foil which has stopped the effects of the radiation a little but it is obviously coming through from elsewhere than the window.

I sometimes wake up with the appearance of reddening to some parts of my body and the effects of the radiation leave me in so much pain I need to take pain killing medication. I experience headaches daily which slowly go away when I leave my bedroom.

I would like this health hazard investigated as well as possible. Hopefully you might be able to help as to finding the source of the radiation. I have complained to the manager of the hostel I live in and he has stated very clearly that the no appliances in the downstairs kitchen could be causing the radiation because the radiation in my bedroom is still present when the kitchen equipment is switched on. The electrical circuits in my hostel were ripped out and replaced Six years ago and exceed british standard specifications.

Please could you contact me back as a matter of urgency and launch an investigation into the radiation as I am quite rightfully worried that it may cause my early death or at least the onset of serious illness. Whoever is producing this radiation is committing a serious offence therefore I would be grateful for a reply as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Thomas Baker

07901 376 848

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