ELECTRONIC harrasment on the radio
Ive had enough of this sh!t. Now im phoning up radio stations talking about it. Yes, no-ones heard of it but ive devoloped a good script. We all need to start going public.



THE authorities DONT BELEIVE U TI's because they dont know about it. they dont beleive you. they will just throw you in hospital.

They are using UNMANNED AERIEL VEHICLES. Buzz lightyear aint behind the muvvafukkin' dials ladieZ n' getnZ ! thats because they make u feel like a science fiction fan on the waacci bacy. Try tell them you dont smoke that shit and you dont read science fiction and they dream up another exuse. Dont go near those fukkkkkiing hospitalz. All they will do is look like they beleive U so U stay there until the incarceration team come.

IN THE UK , YOU CAN BOW OFFICIALLY GET SECTIONED FOR HAVEING NO MENTAL ILLNESS WHATSOEVER BUT JUST Saying that you are hearing voices and being a targeted individual.

the government do not accept it is happening. They tried to muvvafukking section me for two years. Smash the fucking windows and get the hell out of there whatever way you can,
Take it easy, there is a criminal industry (trade in fear)
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Take it easy, there is a criminal industry (trade in fear)


Many thanks kro' for this useful information.

Yep, its organised crime, not government zapping (although I fully accept that some govenrments may zap people in the name of freedon `freedom').

The criminal uglieness group thats is behind the horrible attacks on normal everyday people (the v2k and microwave weapon attacks), pose as `friends' who arrange life insurance multiple times for the TI and then proceed to kill them. They obtain personal documents possibly by putting their hand in your letterbox to show the life insurance providors the identification they need to arrange the multiple policies.

When you go to hospital and ask to have your implant removed, they dont scan you, they say you are insane. Then, you get sectioned for delusional thoughts and or serious distress. I got sectioned for two years for um' dulu's (delusions)! The dirty skummy dying bastard fukking shitt-eating doctorzz! I was so mother-fukkking lucky to escape through a hospital window.

They dont believe the TI. And just to make things worse they put them in a hospital bed with massive windows through which the directed energy attack may be conducted. Its almost like the authorities and the hospitals `assist' with the murder of the innocent TI.

If the TI attempts to move around brisky then they are taped to their fukkkingg bed !

This is a crime of such ugliness. Remote controlled helicopters are how its working. Or, UAV's. Why is it then when you say the words Unmanned Aeriel Vehicle, the police look at you liek you have been shagging buzz lightyear for 25 minutes and he's fukked off with your weed?

Because goverments dont belive the TI, and assist with the murder (though I accept they obvioulsy do so un-knowingly), there is no such thing as `goverment'. Because they dont beleive me, why should I pay tax ?

"Today I will speak my wind, together we will seek truth" , TjB. 11/2012'

How more ugly can a crime become. The TI doesent only experience v2k and directed energy weapon torture, but also getting thrown into hospital when they quite reightfully report it.

I have no translation of this article, but everything is already described from 2005 to 2007


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