I believe zion church controls many of their follwers
It all started when my(ex) friend called me telling he needed a place to live,he actually was cooperating with them to gang stalk me...well it doesn´t matter,when he was my friend he told me he suffered from schizophrenia, he heard voices many years ago, he used to be an pothead, but I believe he was a victim of voice to skull as well, this other guy that goes to the same church who is very religious said he heard God talking to him once and he almost cried...he goes to zion church as well and I believe he was also a victim of voice to skull...so when my ex friend came to my house it was when the attacks started, when I heard the first voice, he said it may be angels talking to me, well I was confused and amased at first, I really thought it was something spiritual but then when they started attacking me by giving shocks, making me see people,smell things,making my heart speed up at the point I really thought I was dying it was crealy it wasn´t something spiritual, then i found out about gang stalking online, it´s how i found out I was a victim, another thing, when I went to that church most people(specially kids) seemed like robotized people... I´m sure they use these weapons to control the children.
Another thing i also noticed about this organization is that they communicate with each other by Synthetic Telepathy, I don´t believe everybody know about this, only a few people... now why would a religious organization such as a church would have those kind of weapons and technology? I mean are they going to war? and where and how they have acess to this weapons?

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