Victim of gangstalking and ACT/FACT teams

Since the beginning of the year 2000 in America started with the establishment of so-called assertive community treatment or ACT treatment teams. In other countries they have adopted this model and so is the Netherlands since this started a few years. Netherlands has also extensively with the FACT team. These teams are primarily intended for people with mental illness including psychosis and schizophrenia and collaborate with the Mental Health / Public Health / Police but also house explotations.
It is especially the first time experimented how they wanted to form teams. The basis is that 24/7 to assist people could go wrong. Is the severe psychosis than to get on the list of ACT and the situation is less than you get on the list FACT.
In 2008, during a meeting, the municipality of Amsterdam, together with the MHC / AMC / AGIS decided to start also with the early intervention team (Team VIP)

What if you are a victim of Gangstalking? They don't believe "Gangstalking" is really happening so for example in Holland the rule (law) is:
Even if you don't want help from them they say: We must because you have a right to get help.

So in a way you can become a victim of "Gangstalking" and a victim of ACT/FACT/VIP teams.

For more information of ACT in Dutch:


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