Subvocal speech

I hope that my story can help people who experienced the same thing.

3 years ago after my computer, laptops and all mails were hacked my neighbors began to respond to my thoughts. Terrible to experience again and this was the GGZ called a psychotic phenomenon (and I hope that this forum will be responded seriously).

That could not be true and so I thought I investigate whether it was possible to read your mind, and in doing so I found on the internet the "gang stalking" and "subvocal speech".

So I tried not to use my subvocal speech when I was thinking (spoke) in myself .
With much practice after 5 months I succeeded . Exactly from that day they stopped responding to my thoughts. Even my girlfriend noticed from that day that they had stopped sounds (laughter).
Should someone say: "The sound stopped before I said!" No, I told it in the morning and from that day the laughter stopped as my girlfriend noticed.
From that day my life was a lot more bearable, despite the tapping and other sounds.. So we moved to an other house.

Perhaps this also works if you hear voices that respond to your thoughts. Since I do not hear voices, I do not no.



Ik hoop dat ik met mijn verhaal mensen kan helpen die hetzelfde ervaren.

Nadat 3 jaar geleden mijn computer's, mails allen werden gehacked begonnen mijn buren te reageren op mijn gedachtes. Vreselijk om te ervaren en wederom werd dit door de GGZ aangeduid als een psychotisch fenomeen (en ik hoop dat er op dit forum serieus op gereageerd zal worden).

Dat kon toch niet waar zijn dacht ik en zo ben ik gaan onderzoeken of gedachtenlezen mogenlijk was en zo doende vond ik op het internet het "gangstalking" en het subvocal speech.

Zo ben ik gaan proberen om mijn subvocal speech niet te gebruiken als ik in mij zelf dacht (sprak).
Met veel oefenen is mij dit na 5 maanden gelukt. Precies vanaf die dag is het reageren op mijn gedachtes gestopt. Ook mijn vriendin merkte vanaf die dag dat men gestopt was met geluiden (lachen).
Mocht iemand nu zeggen: "Het geluid stopte voordat ik het vertelde!" Nee, ik vertelde het in de ochtend en vanaf die dag was het lachen gestopt zoals mijn vriendin ook merkte.

Vanaf die dag is mijn leven een stuk draaglijker ondanks het tikken en andere geluiden maar zijn we wel verhuisd.

Misschien dat dit ook werkt als je stemmen hoort die reageren op je gedachtes. Daar ik geen stemmen hoorde weet ik dat niet.


What you have described isn't reading minds, your house is bugged, they don't need to put the stuff into the wall. Anything electronic that you have to plug into the wall works just fine, you can see this happen if you throw any electronics out such a TV electric can opener, Radio tuner the list is virtually endless.
I can tell you from my personal experience every time I throw a TV out it disappears within a half an hour. I don't think you're moving will solve your problem. What Will help is if you give them a lot of information that bad. Say you're going to particular store then go somewhere completely different. Say you're really mad at a particular person and that you're going to yell at them the next time you see them and when you do see them act like everything is normal and what they did is and expected mistake that can be corrected.
Or if you know and electronics expert bring him your TV, make sure that he works on the right as you bring it guarantee you he's going to find surveillance equipment inside.[hr]
Keep in mind that this information came to you from someone who can read minds.
And is stocked way worse than you.

Can anyone tell how they target and what is source like phone or any other thing via they get the location .

How this technology work i mean they use DNA , image of person .

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