Problem with FEDAME's website and mcvictms's website

On the FEDAME's website ( there is a place for the links in french :

We can find four links but only two of them are available. These two important pages don't exist anymore :

The link to the Fedame Online Forum of France :

Friends community of Ti's on ningnetwork French Language Group :

Moreover, it seems the website : , is not found.

If someone have informations about what's happened it would be interesting to tell us what he knows.

Best regards
I used to be member of the FEDAME forum. It was wound up by its owner, who felt that it contained a lot of matter copied from other sites and was becoming a place for spam. That was the reason he gave anyway. A lot of good information was lost when the site went and I am glad to see this site opened up, because blogs are not as effective as having a place where victims can meet and discuss what is happening to them, get witnesses and help.

I had a great deal of difficulty actually registering for this forum. It took 2 days and an email to Peter. I do not know if this was owing to perp involvement, but it could put off new members from joining if it happens every time.
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I would respectfully suggest that we have lessons to learn from the demise of the FEDAME forum.

To me, the most noticeable thing to notice about that forum is that the members rarely talked to one another. They just came to scream for help and go away. Perhaps we were chosen because we were self-reliant types who would not communicate with one another. We have a lesson to learn about co-operation?
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