Link to my story (all in french) : Gang stalking, mind control, electronic harrasment

I have been a french TI since 2007 and I have a one year's blog relating day by day the horrors they forced me to undergo and a summary of the beginning of my story. Unfortunately all I write is in french, sorry, it would be too long and complicated to translate, but if anyone wants to dedicate it, it will be with pleasure. Nobody accepts to help me to make a book and no journalist wants to listen to my story for the moment.

In short, let's say I am a 30 year old man, a prey to the secret society that tries to conquer the world and you call as you like (Illuminati, Freemasons, Zionists, Satanists ... in my opinon it's all the same, one of the largest capacities of the devil being in many forms to deceive the enemy) and anyway they do not show, who has his life destroyed and who write his knowledge on these criminals, bandits, impostors, murderers, manipulators, to anyone interested and totally free to think for itself. I lived and still live very near the mind-control, electromagnetic harassment and Gang Stalking. They are part of my life for almost five years among many other indignities.

I think very few people who have experienced what I have endured are still around to talk. I have also never dealt with someone in my case sufficiently credible.

My blog adress :
My website : (where I analyse the world through my sad experience)
My Facebook :
My Youtube channel :

Do not hesitate for any questions or comments also in english, I'm always available to discuss my story on any occasion.

Good luck to all TI all over the world

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