gang stalking is worst than rape.
Actually being gang stalked is the same as being raped, but you have no chance of defending yourself, and worst than that you can´t send those criminals to prison, first because no one is gonna believe you, and most people don´t have any idea of who is the attacker, in my case I know who is the attacker, a church in Troy Michigan...but what can I do to punish those bastards?
i absolutely agree with you and all these serious issues raised. when you try to communicate to people you hope will help you. they look at you like your an alien. because they themselves are so hypnotized. by the position of power they are in. keep your spirit strong. i search the web for answers. or groups near me. who might be in a similar situation. had no luck yet but i am hopeful
Keep a journal, and make sure that it is well-worded and that you come across as well-informed about the subject at hand, so that it can be distinguished as totally separate from mental illness, keeping in mind at all times that your perps would like nothing more for you to be declared mentally ill, so that you will suffer in silence from that point on.
very well put ThePillorian. making people understand that its not your mind. but someone else's sickness that causes this. is difficult to do. because they put it down to tinnitus. or some type of mild mental illness. i even showed proof to a number of civil workers. by placing a glass of water on a still surface. in my room and you could clearly see the water reacting to the wave. the louder the wave got. the faster the water showed ripple effects. my council wants me to take them to court. so we can move to the next phase. but why would i put myself on a stand. in a court of law. when i have already proved my point on so many different levels. so in a way i have proved its not mental illness. which i agree with you. is to make sure that the powers that be understand the situation

Can anyone tell how they target and what is source like phone or any other thing via they get the location .

How this technology work i mean they use DNA , image of person .
How they target:

[WIKI] Geo-Stalking: Cell phones and Tablets

[WIKI] Geo-Stalking: Radar can see through walls

[WIKI] Geo-Stalking: Spy satellites, spy blimps, spy planes operated by contractors and multi-beam antenna systems

+[WIKI] Geo-stalking: Wireless Sensor Networks

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