Short movie about electronic harassment in Belgium
Hi, I made a short movie about electronic harassment in Belgium.

You can watch it on vimeo:

You can also download it from
This link will work another 55 days.
It's only 35 MB, 16 minutes and 31 seconds.
Please help distribute the movie.

The goal of the movie is:
1) to collect evidence.
2) to raise awareness.
3) to show how electronic harassment can be filmed.
4) to encourage victims to buy a detector, and start scanning themselves and their house, and to make more movies like this.
5) to show what you can expect if you have your own detector.
6) to work as a deterrent for perps who would want to try this in the future.
7) to increase the costs for the perps. If the perps know that their devices can be discovered with a detector of only 100 $, then they will be forced to use more expensive devices.

The problem with electronic harassment is that it's invisible.
A detector makes it visible and audible.
Then it can be filmed.
The main problem in filming is that the LEDs are small, and the antenne causes a distance between the LEDs and the inspected object.
I had the best results when holding the camera at a distance of 50 cm, while a yellow light is shining on the detector and a white tubular light is shining on the background.
I also tried to reduce the time of filming as much as possible.
I exercised every scene several times and discarded several bloopers before accepting the final result.

A common mistake in filming the scanning is that everything is being filmed, including periods in which nothing is discovered.

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