hi everyone
hello there
i am also non violent,i have been harrassed for over 2 years,now they cook my legs so bad i cant go out,they cook my organs aswell and give me shocks to have a heart attack,i have not slept for along time,they want you to do the norm and basically kill yourself,in the sun newspaper they had an article where they can put fear into people,the police have treated me so bad that its unreal,feel free to get in touch,i am in coventry,couldnt give a damn about the police or goverment upon which they know i am researching,i havent been out for 2 weeks as they hurt me 24/7 so bad its unreal,hope you get in touch,human rights and freedom,checkout chemtrails,the latest stuff they been spraying all over the uk,its the police who are mass murderers,they are the ones that are doing it
best wishes

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