I'm under attack

Hello from Washington State, I am aware in the past 6 months that I am also under "attack" for no apparent reason other than I collect SSD and receive medicare. Indeed it is frightening when the methods are so surreal that few if any people believe what is happening to you and your family.
If you would like to correspond with me for support, to tell your story and how you cope on a daily basis, I am available. I too could use some support.
Because it seems, we are defenseless to the silent weapons, the only thing I know to do, is ask God and the "heavenly angels" to protect me, my family, my home. I trust this is so. feel free to email me at littlebirdsings12x@gmail.com

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I live in the United States, Califonia, Los Angeles.
I and my family have been under attack with the electronic weapons for over twenty years. I've read most of the information listed. The causes the effects. My mother was a single hard working woman, she owned her own home without anyone's help.
I and my sister lived with her. I use to work myself, my sister has never held a job.
Our mother started feeling bad, then she had what I call a phony stroke. Doctors didn't find the blood clot, their only report is she had a floating clot. I've looked over everything you said to look for. What I didn't see is how to counter it. Give me any test you like to prove we're victims. Please we need help before its to late for me and my family. One more thing, I've found a physical way to prove they are touching you physically. I discovered it by accident. I believe it is something no has mentioned so far. Please I need help, I have to get us out of here.


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