Important info about devices used by gang stalkers
Pep The low frequencies are you simply to make you do involuntary things, Like sleep or urinate, turn left or right on a street, with a little coaxing from the Perps they can make you lose your temper, I'm not just talking about that moment but later on with someone that you actually care about.
The best way I'm aware of to look inside a person's home, this plant a device in the television set; I found that out because my televisions get picked up very quickly when I throw them out. They use is very high tech and hard to be detected devices to achieve this. But my TV seem to get picked up within 15 minutes of me throwing them out.
Then there is all the devices we heard about like infrared. But if they want to listen in on you. I would start looking at your TVs radios and other electronic equipment.

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