Part 9: FFCHS perpetuates mobbing and fear of making a police report. Had FFCHS inqui

By the end of 2015, FFCHS had a complete change of board of directors. FFCHS is no longer a front organization. FFCHS now has true TIs on its board.
Why are you trying to destroy FFHCS? You tried to smear Peter Mooring as well. People, this perp will ruin our forum.
See my burns on twitter
I am not a perp. Edit: I was a mod of /r/gangstalking and now the founder and mod of /r/targetedenergyweapons in

I have never smeared Peter Mooring. I have not written on Peter Mooring. I linked to his website because i liked it:

I linked to Peter Mooring's helpful article on shielding with water bottles and added Danny Hunt's recommendation:

I wrote detailed posts on FFCHS is a front organization. FFCHS discourages TIs from getting diagnosis and treatment for radio wave sickness (RWS). FFCHS discourages TIs from making reports to government such as police, FBI, etc.

Why are you defending FFCHS? You have not debated any of the problems caused by FFCHS.

Disinformation by FFCHS is questioned in the long survey questionnaire:

An analysis of the completed surveys will evidence whether FFCHS was wrong to warn TIs not to ask for diagnosis, testing and treatment for radio wave sickness (RWS) and not to report crimes to police.

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