TI'S, very important, READ.
Hello TI's, please send your stories to John Finch at mcmailteam@gmail.com and he will flood the World with your story, along with more then 1400 other victims testimonies , anyone who is anyone will read your story. This is the best list you can be on as a TI, and after the war may even be as famous as Schindler's list (almost) , if you are on this list and you do not survive then the powers that be in your country will be in a World of shit , and they know this.
Also these people and organizations that he is flooding will never be able to say that they new nothing about what was going on because Finch was in their faces year after year after year, it is starting to get very hard for these people and organizations to be able to justify looking the other way, and they know this. The more that take part the more effective this will become.

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