Advice for the really desperate
This is for you if you have tried everything unsuccessfully and do not expect to live. If you still have some options, close the thread and move on.
For the desperate: start smoking. If you smoke already, smoke when you are attacked and do not try to give up.
1: Smoking is not that bad for you. In more sensible times, moderate smoking was regarded as good for you.
2: You reckon you are going to die anyway, what have you got to lose?
3: Nicotine protects the brain and will improve your mood.
4: I am astonished at how many people still think their government cares about them and wants to protect them from cancer. Travel on LeShuttle and you will see in black and white, the real reason why they don't want you to smoke. It interferes with surveillance and monitoring systems. Those are the same systems that are surveilling and monitoring YOU.
5: I have been saying this for years.
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