sabotaged devices
my electronic devices have been sabotaged by israeli operatives. they use the energy in the devices to shock you with electricity. you dont even need to be in direct contact with the device, though it is worse when you are.

i had a laptop that would give me headaches and chest pains. i almost went to the hospital but i noticed that it got worse when i used the laptop. i stopped using it and the headaches faded after a couple days and the chest pains after about a week. i didnt use the laptop again for months. one day, i thought i would try it again to make sure that it wasnt a fluke. it wasnt, i got the same headaches and chest pains again.

ive even been in contact with these israelis, they say they hate me for something my father did, though i dont what that is. they were bragging about how i will die of a heart attack from being shocked or cancer from their directed energy weapons, DEWs. they say they used these devices on my father, he died of cancer after a 20 year battle.

they were bragging about how they use these devices on thousands around the world, politicians, businessmen, news reporters, etc... anyone declared "an enemy of israel", they said. they claimed to have killed hugo chavez and yasser arafat as well. if you see something that looks like a dot of light hitting a news reporter, thats it right there. it will make them blink if it hits their eyes. i think some of them are particle guns, alpha, beta, delta, etc.

ive only begun to disclose this with the world. they even have people or automated weapons stationed in the woods across the street. i would go look for them but the people that own that property are constantly shooting guns and yelling threats at me so i dont dare to.

they claim to have bought grocery stores in the area so that they can poison certain foods. i saw an employee at a grocery store say to a customer, " this store is owned by the nation of israel. do you have a problem with the nation of israel!?" the guy responded,looking confused," no, ...i mean theyre our ally, right?". i saw an older guy who had herd this say," i fought and defended my country for this? whats happened to our country?".

israel buying grocery stores and poisoning them... its a sad day for the world. i dont think its just israelis though, i know there are the evil american "iluminati" types who are helping them. more updates to come. any respectful questions or comments re appreciated. good luck, we'll need it
update: ive recently learned of ways that people use to poison their victims. they have machines that are the size of a straw in a perfume bottle that has a liquid poison in it. it is connected to a tiny pump that is smaller than a usb flash drive. it can be operated by remote or set on a timer. they put them in range hoods over your oven, above your couch, above your bed, in your car vents, or any other place they can think of. usually the intent is to make you go crazy so they can watch your life fall apart, without you knowing why. sometimes they just want you to get into a car accident and die so they dont have to kill you. theyve also been developing std sprays, virus sprays (that they collect from anyone with the flu or a bad cold), and virus like particle sprays that can last much longer than live viruses. they have also put toxic mold into peoples houses. usually they just put a small puncture into a wall made of drywall and spray some mold mixed with mold food (whatever that is, lol) through a needle. this will make a credible source for your sickness (so you wont look for any other sources), if you ever even find it, and leaves no machines behind for someone to find. theyre some tricky SOBs who get paid to slowly kill you. be careful, fight the evil but dont become the evil

remember, edward snowden didnt work for the nsa, he worked for a private company who was contracted by the nsa. he could have gotten info on anyone and sold it or used it for malicious purposes, but he exposed it instead. imagine the field day that the company's big wigs probably have after the workers have left for the day. they can look through your webcam without the light even coming on. that includes the camera on your phone. i put a piece of black tape over mine, though they probably have other "pinhole" cameras hidden in my house.

they can use camera/speaker/microphone systems that they put in your walls and/or objects to make you think youre hearing voices and to wear down your psyche through intimidation, threats, and harassment. theyre hooked up to the internet so they can harass you form their pc. tell your friends and families to be careful with any camera in their house and to never do anything around them that they wouldnt want the world to see.

i only get headaches on the side of my head that faces toward the outside when im sleeping and sitting in my living room. everyone in my house says the same. ive told the feds but they are insensitive non believers. theres no way they would ever get me a toxicology test or send someone to come talk to me and sweep my house. im sure that the people at the top ranks of the fbi and every other agency are all in on it anyway. i know im not the only one at least. i worry about the multitudes of people who dont even know theyre being attacked and watched though. they probably wouldnt even guess that theyre being tortured.... stay strong everyone, and stay alive
You too TBI, Stay strong and alive.
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