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(Email transmitted the 26/03/2014 to the President of the USA, Mr Barack Obama)

M. President of USA,

I'm Adel Khedira, telecom engineer, born XX/YY/19ZZ in Hammamet Tunisia, subject of a bloody 25 years Jew ritual persecution, 15 years targeted by a sophisticated secret mind control (MC), made by USA. The criminals are at least Jews from USA, France, etc., using MC (JMC) on a world scale for the interests of Jews & Israel & their allies, more powerful than the official USA, performing horrifying action, lighting, blowing, manipulating major events: politics, public opinion, wars, armed groups, terrorism, media...

For years, JMC barbarously torture me, practice on me sexuel abuse, prevent me from living freely (no: impartial justice & lawyer, friends, wedding, work, money, cyber...), isolate me, control all my communications, censor some of my mails & texts, and prevent me from freely disclose information about me, my family, Islamic world, France. I live in an invisible prison. Along the history of humanity few people were abused like me.

With MC they monitor me secretly very closely, outwardly my life is normal but it's fake. Cover, like in USSR, JMC try to impose that I am mentally sick in relation to the involvement of Jews & MC. They prevent my family to be aware about MC. JMC don't let me freely inform tunisian authorities (unaware & under MC) & are committing secretly crimes in Tunisia for more than 10 years. They made suffering people around me, killed persons of my family, specially my father (Hassine) in 2004, 7 months after my forced transfer from France.

JMC are involved in destruction of Iraq, Libya (N. SARKOZY acted under MC), Syria (some entities & armed groups are under MC), and are harming muslim community in France.

With lies and deception JMC want to handle anyone. They commit impunity crimes, break all moral, laws, and sovereignties, causing the death of so many innocents. Their power was built on lies & victimization & whining.

You're the President of the MC & JMC country, logically you know about MC excess (JMC had contacts with president J. Chirac), you've renewed your presidential term in these circumstances, therefore you're partially responsible, I ask you to protect my freedom & to work for the end of all MC actions against me, my family, Tunisia, islamic world, France...

My 3 last emails, based on incomplete informations, are now obsoletes.

JMC are also destroying USA who aren't my enemies. (46 texts)


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