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My case:
"I am Adel Khedira, telecommunications engineer, born XX YY ZZ in ?? Tunisia, the subject of very serious criminal acts committed against me in France, from 1989 to 2003, and thereafter in Tunisia, from 2003 to present, by Jewish extremists working on a global scale. It started in France via the French Secret Service against espionage (Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire) that the Jews infiltrates, it was continued then in France via a secret reason of state with infinite power, and since about 1999 we started to use against me a secret sophisticated mind control system, developed and designed without a doubt by the United States of America. I'm at least the target of extremist Jews from the United States of America and France. My case includes a number of components: ethnic, industrial, political, torture, discrimination, ...With this system of mind control these extremist Jews secretly control France, and other countries of the world, and they control politicians (President of the Republic ...), judges, lawyers, police, doctors, criminal organizations…They are able to alter almost anything in a country in which they control anybody they want with the mind control system. These criminals, representing the most powerful criminal organization since the creation of mankind, will stop at nothing, they even resort to terrorism, and intrigue as to successfully shape, depending on their interests, public opinion. They established a secret world dictatorship, democracies, which led to these criminals, have become blankets and staged for their ultra mafia system. They savagely hinder my judicial and my paperwork against them while perpetuating my massacre preventing me to live normally for many years (no work opportunities, social life, marriage, freedom...), I live in a prison without a door and without walls. They barbarously tortured me very long through the mind control system by applying facts maligned through so many websites on the electronic torture and instigating many sexual abuse, surely few people who have been so much and so severely tortured as me, I was even transferred from France to Tunisia to facilitate these barbarities. I learned a lot about these criminals, they alter a part of world politics, they control major world power, and they also operate in the Arab-Muslim world to serve the interests of Israel. My strength and my abilities, which allowed me to reveal this, motivate these criminals to perpetuate cowardly my massacre. They also attacked members of my family; they murdered my father in July 2004. As a cover, with much villainy, they try to cut myself off from the world in an invisible manner (isolation, strict control of my relations and all ...) while trying through so many heinous acts to make me look mentally ill, believing that to be influenced by a system of mind control, thinking to deal with Jewish extremists, etc. These criminals are horrible people no compromising situation can reverse, they believe they are smarter than others that they still believe successfully fooled into stopping at nothing, even to present themselves as victims. A number of times I was able to put them in default and to have concrete evidence against them. As an indication, for many years they even prevent me from being able to explain to my family the mind control system and its implementation against them and me. My goals are : to put those awful extremists out of harm's way by raising awareness to as many people, to participate in implementing a technical tool to protect from this mind control system, to bring these criminals to face a international court to reveal all of their incredible crimes and to condemn them."

Thank you.

Adel Khedira,
Telecommunications engineer,
Hammamet / Tunisia

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