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Its all done from UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles) they will me multicopter type mainly quadroter (four propeller) drones or UAV's - FACT! Why is nobody taking a look at night, you will see them appearing as little `lights in the sky' make sure there's no cloud cover though or you will struggle to see them. They are powered using arc or tesla conduction from overhead high voltage electricity grid power cables. - FACT! that's why you get DEW tortured much more during peak electricity demand times like in the morning when lots of people will be using electric showers (6-8.30am) - FACT !

There is only one reason for the voice to skull. Its to grab your attention which keeps you still so you listen to the garbage and information they've discovered about your past through your old schoolmates and kronoids. Once your paying attention, you will keep still like a plonker. Then while your being questions, the gunk will apply DEW to burn out your organs kill you over time. - FACT !

If you keep moving your body and walking around randomly they wont be able to perform DEW on you. Just ignore the voice to skull and move around is the best advice I can give you. What's the point caring or being bothered about these insignificant people being able to hear what you are thinking also/

They hit your important bodily organs, producing the symptom of death sometimes over many years.

The purpose of the attacks is to KILL FOR LIFE INSURANCE which will have been fraudulently arranged through related criminal groups. They will have arranged it offshore (which they can do very easily) through fake `partners' and friends. Each target will have had multiple policies arranged which will be collectively worth an average of £5 million pounds. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

I got my information from a member of the criminal group themselves.
If you are a target, you need to protect yourself from the DEW beams, the good news is that you can do this very easily by doing what I've done myself. Details about this you will find on my target protection page (link at the top) of my website. Just Google `The Targeted Truth' and the link should come up top of the results list. Or click this hyperlink:-

Believe me, its no longer the government who is targeting innocent people. the governments stopped doing these experiments about 1996.



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I'm based in Brighton UK.

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