It's NOT the government behind these attacks. - FACT!
Right here's how it is you government fooled TI's if you don't believe me and still think its the government behind these attacks do you??? and you think the attacks are not to kill you ??? and you believe the lie that they're for government experimentation eh??? and your not going to protect yourself?? eh?? eh?? then your a killer! Why? because if your going to believe your attack's about government mind control and experimentation (and not to kill you for life insurance) and you let yourself die (as TI's are doing left right and centre) you are going to be the reason that a nasty and massive criminal gang get to claim between $5-10million in life insurance pay-outs as little as 3 days after your death. And, once they've got the money what do you think they'll do with it eh? they'll use it to buy more equipment and UAV's to target more people and that's what they're doing right now because the police and governments are doing nothing because of lack of awareness and TI's not being believed.- FACT! So, if your a TI and you don't `believe' your attacks to kill you then that makes you a killer - by proxy? yes by proxy for not protecting yourself and letting yourself die. but your still a killer as far as a truth teller like me is concerned. you must be absolutely crazy if you don't believe the content on this site. I spent thousands drugging and beering up perpetrators and former gang member, risking my own life to get this information and I get death threats five times a day for it and theyre increasing and I don't care. Oh right now, don't go killing yourselves either cos then all the gang say is that you `became ill with depression' and then killed yourself because of your illness. They're not stupid, don't you be stupid okay, don't kill yourself, check out my protection page.. The life insurance still pays out if you die of your `illness; which could include suicide as a direct result of menatl illness.
Government experimentation eh? u f/k/n fools?? get a grip!!
Please learn about Rachael Orban and read her blog, thank you.

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