How to stop your attack !
Right, my walls are covered with £400 worth of foil and steel sheets to prevent myself being added to the growing number of TI's who are still dropping dead due to their fake `seizures', `strokes' and `heart attacks' due to failing to protect themselves. The main reason I can offer for their deaths is their lack of ability to protect themselves.

Okay, your aliminium foil quilt must cover your entire torsoe, legs, arms and head. If theyve used v2k to convince you to stay in view of your daft window then you have fallen for the biggest trick in the book.

1. Cover your window and frame overlapping the frame by one imperial foot overlapping and covering your entire window and under the window sill by a foot aswell using sheet metal and or hundreds yes hundreds of layers of ailiminium foil, much as you cam afford. Iron or steel sheets would be better but at least you can go to spar and buy loads of foil.

2. Do not sleep in view of the window uless you want to die anyway, regardless of any measure you have taken to block your window off from the ugly slime as above (step 1)

3. Make sure you sleep right against the wall which is the same wall as the window is on but for heavens sake never under the window

4 Make sure your head is in the corner not facing the window and away from the window.

5. DO NOT for jesus's sake ever sleep on your conventional sprung matteress because this will make your foil quilt absolybtly pointless and useless becauase they can get under it through the springs when your body sinks into it the beams can melt your heart and other organs which are sunk into the matteress for approx 8 hours a night!. That another oldest trick in their book. You no longer have the luxury of your bed, have it dumped, NOW!!! so you won't sleep in it incae you get depressed it will just kill you!

6. Make sure your sleeping on the floor best and not facing your window covered or not. Once, you have `binned your bed' best thing to do is buy a few mats or yoga type mats and sleep om them instead, £6 each. Argos. Cover yourself your entire body and head surround yourself with foil quilt or a canopy of sheet metal and make ir as thick as you can afford. LEAVE NO GAPS WHATSOEVER !!

You must make sure the foil quilit as at least 260 layers of foil, or at least what you can afford to do for now else it will provide no protection what so ever. (except maybe some)

7. Metal sheets underneath the mats will stop their multiple getting beams under even though they rareley do this, dont take that chance these people doing it to you are pure unadulterated reduced rotting slime.

8. Make sure you foil quilt is at least one foot bigger than it needs to be on each of its four sides. All that's needed to make your foil quilt completely useless is a 1cm hole and a hump at the side. You need to train yourself to sleep in a position so as not to allow them to get the beams though any gaps or hole.

* Using the above advice I am of just a handful of TI including krokus from who are defending their atatck by 100% so the advice your getting here is nothing but the best. If you dont take this advice you are going to die cos I can now scientifically and officially factually disprove any reason you or anyone may give, (not sugegsting u would but I enjoy proving those doubting loons wrong)

I want to attend court hopefully quite soon and present our evidence in such a way that the authorities will have to accept that the crimes we are experiencing are absolubtly so motherphukking real and not the product of any delusions. Don't worry I'm nearly there by the way. I promise to keep you fully informed.
Its criminal uglyness gangs not governments who are murdering targets for life insurance proceeds. They arrange the life insurance very easisly be posing as false friends. The source of the electronic harassment is from overhead Drones/UAV's which will be of the quadroter type.
US Drones bombing Africa operated from RAF bases in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside

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