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people talking
These are audible voices. They are real people, tapping into cebrial cortex by way of lazer beam. They speak to you as if you where in the same room. Its all designed to turn you into a robot and make you dance like a puppet on a string. 5 yrs of this. I had to finally tell my girlfriewnd and show here what the real accounts of victims where. I am the real deal. Little slow getting into the proper mainstream. Need to network. This shit suck. But you need to man up.....Its like a wave, you roll with it when you get pounded by a set. Its a horrible way to live. The most cruelest form of toture on the planet.. Why me, im over that. Need it turned off. There is strentgh in numbers. Prayer helps.They have a field day with me. Just a normie with a number of bullies who are given power to get off on rapping your mind and setting you up. ;Love to isolate you....I hope to meet people that have been tortured and network..then go from there......peace be with us all. They will get theirs in the end..It has to crack somehow. Too many people...sincerely Brenton Smith.
They do it to kill you

They do it for your life insurance theyve arranged fifty times for their `loved one' you.

They will be getting $5million when you finally die.

We need to get 100 layers of foil over all our windows and non structural walls to stop the kuntttz!

Can anyone tell how they target and what is source like phone or any other thing via they get the location .

How this technology work i mean they use DNA , image of person .

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