5 years tortured, looking for victims in the 408 area code......They dont make it easy to do anything online...I have had everything from a_z. Need to network.....please someone shoot me in the right direction..looking for support groups...I usually just tell them to fuck off. There going to torture you anyways, so i never make deals with them. Even when I am on robot mode, i just seem to stumble through life and pray. That is why i need to network. This is real.I want to go to the top of research, to weed out the fakers and not burn up time going to fake websites...real victim,s please reach out.
Hiya, would meet you and other TIs I'm from essex??? Tortured inhumaine tested sexually abused, first hand knowledge of the penetrators who do this to me for 8 years. Would like to meet and discuss possible protest ect.
you may be the only one, it would appear that there could be as little as one per county. I am publishing further finding soon.

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