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Hi everybody im sure we are all dealing with the same enemy. I am going so freaking crazzy over this whole insane situation. My terrifying experiance started about 3 1/2 months ago. I think its freakin so messed up in so many ways how there aloud 2 strip u of ur rights and just so many other things. im 25 and really confused as all hech. wy are they doing this 2 us?;( im not the smartest of the pick but i caught on farely quick. it is completely destroying my life. i can think of a few reasons why they might b doing these demonic things 2 people. but also my opinion is that they feel they are doing a good deed 2 the country. By catching future criminals etc. I would really like 2 talk further on are horrible situation we are all in as a small group of individuals. I really need 1 of u vets here on this site 2 put me up 2 speed on alot of things PLEASE... I have went 2 the state hospital a few weeks ago 2 find out that hey i am still sane. After being released after just 1 week witch is very strange 4 a patient 2 b released after that when i got home n my room my situation worsend and the echoed voices & mind controle had increased. Well at this time i realized the seriousness of my problem. And started researching the topic. I am so confused that the government or whatever agency is behind it is allowing this 2 happen 2 american citizens. Why Why Why anyways i recieved a threat 2nite that they would kill me due 2 the reasons i guess they have red flagged me, as well if i were 2 mention anything about it publicly. so that was my last straw furtanately i am a little worried and dont knw how 2 start getting help from other that have been victims 4 several yrs. i am feeling sick, teeth hurting slightly and heavy microwaving n my room. Please can some of u guys and gals please contact me however yall do it im new 2 this like i said i really want 2 give up already but want 2 put my mark n the dirt if u knw what i mean...

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