Holland, Germany and Belgium :Looking for victims of ACT/FACT/VIP TEAMS
Since 2008 I think I'm a victim of an experiment on people in Amsterdam. I am not the only one, and I'm therefore looking for people in the Netherlands, Germany, England and Belgium that I can meet so that we may disclose it together and can support each other here.

Ik heb een aantal maanden geleden een ontmoeting gehad met iemand van ACT bij hem thuis. Ik werd in de avond op het trein station van Enkhuizen opgehaald. Hij vertelde mij dat de mensen van ACT ook wel de engelen genoemd werden.
Voordat ik mijn laptop geopend had om wat vragen te stellen over ACT/FACT/VIP hadden we een vriendelijk gesprek maar op het moment dat ik hem hierover wat wilde vragen werd ik zijn huis uitgezet en stond ik in "the middle of nowhere" en moest ik lopend naar het trein station wat een eind lopen was waardoor ik geen trein meer naar Amsterdam kon nemen.
Uiteindelijk ben ik via via (Trein en een nachtbus) om 5 uur in de nacht thuisgekomen.

Ik weet niet precies hoe ACT werkt maar volgens mij zou een engel mij in ieder geval even naar het station gebracht hebben.


A few months ago I had a meeting with someone from ACT at his home. I was in the evening at the train station of Enkhuizen retrieved. He told me that the people of ACT also known as the angels were called.
Before I opened my laptop had some questions about ACT / FACT / VIP we had a friendly conversation but at the moment I wanted to ask him thinks what I had on my laptop he wanted me out of his house, in "the middle of nowhere" and had I walked to walk to the train station which was a long walk so I no longer could take the train to Amsterdam.
Eventually I came home at 5 o clock in the morning.

I do not know exactly how ACT works but an angel would at least give me a lift to the nearest trainstation

Here is a piece for the many people who are not yet ready to think it can not be true and are not there yet.
It's about a course .... a course on BCI (Brain Computer Interface) and experiments on humans.

Name: Mind and Machine - Smart robots, brain chips
and intelligent software: science or fiction?
Study Points: 6 ECTS
Period: Week 2-5 (January 9-February 3, 2012)
Coordinator: Dr. Niels Cornelisse, Dr. Klaus Linkenkaer-Hansen
Lecturers: Peter Desain, Natalie van der Wal, Niels Cornelisse, Klaus Linkenkaer-Hansen,
Ysbrand van der Werf
Goal: To learn about the integration of brains and computers within-the themes of (1)
creating an artificial brain, (2) Integrating brains and computers, and (3) applications or
neural strategies.
Course Content: People have always fascinated by the idea or leg creating intelligent
robots or the integration of computers in the brain to Manipulate or Enhance its
Performance. In this course, the current status or creating artificial brains and artificial
intelligence is Discussed. Students learn the theory behind integra tion and brains
computers and experience hands-on how brain activity can control computers to write
or play computer games. The application of artificial intelligence and neural strategies
to solve societal problems is Explained and demonstrated consistently visits to commercial
partners. Students work in groups to Investigate how science has come close to science
Regarding specific fiction themes.
Method: Lectures, Practicals, group project and poster presentation
Literature: TBD
Testing: Poster presentation and written exam
Focus Group: Third year bachelor students
Participation: Two years of bachelor education (all directions)
Central Academic Skills:
Search, sort and review literature.


Relate ideas and concepts (movie) to reality (science).
Think outside the box: imagination may push basic science into applications and create
business opportunities.
Present and defend opinions and data (poster and PowerPoint).

read more:

It will be revealed ....

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