Holland, Germany and Belgium :Looking for victims of ACT/FACT/VIP TEAMS
In January 2013, I had surgery on my eye (there was a hole burnt-in to). I assume all those tracking every night. Now they tries to do the same with my other eye. There is a kind of streaming, also done on my stomach. Again in combination with heart gear, various pricks in kidneys and feet, toes or at the bottom of the back.
If someone is busy with this technology, then you get a kind of invisible power on you (you can hear that, if they fall In addition to your). One induces thoughts and events all night to move you a certain direction (for example, economy, or that wehere their interest is; for example, find smuggling, illegal immigrants and others issue). They know your agenda and play there on in.
Radiation (therapy) is used to erase traces.
Direct e-mail traffic now is automatically confirmed and has been disturbed.
That we here at stopeg keep meetings and come together, find "they" fine and don't mind on this topic. It is a computer-controlled intelligence/intercommunication that doesn't "understand" what is the purpose of these meetings.
I suspect that the police and emergency services (health care), universities here on are connected. A person, has no private and individuality more and does not work for himself, but is an extension or (forced) become appendix of this whole device. Unsolicited. The whole individualrights, that human - rights are, exist in this context no longer.

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