Why so few threads, views and comments in stopeg and 7 other TI forums?
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Soh0ryan, thanks for telling me what happened to FEDAME. In 2012, Cliff posted in stopeg that he copied FEDAME forum and his forum to his website. However, his website no longer exists. Could the good threads be uploaded to stopeg forum to be perserved?

I am sorry you were cyberstalked and your online activity introduced as evidence against you. Did you used your actual name online and not a moniker? Does your country not prohibit institutionalization if not a danger to oneself or others?

This week, FFCHS rejected me due to my refusal to comply with their demand that I disclose my identity to attend a meeting. FFCHS considers TIs request for confidentiality as dishonest and a danger to their group.

It would be helpful to alert TIs to the risks of using their actual identity online and in TI organizations. Would you be willing to write a short testimony on this? You do not need to disclose any personally identifiable information. I will cross-post to /r/gangstalking and email it to FFCHS. FFCHS will be discussing this in their board meeting. Thank you.

Unfortunately, TI blogs have more views and comments than TI forums and subreddits. Neither the TI blog hosts nor the commenters refer TI forums and subreddits. After the TI is hacked or suicided or assassinated, their blog is no more. You are correct that blogs are "a victory for the perps.!

Using my true ID online was necessary, as these things that happen to us are so unbelieveable that people need to know you are a real person who has experienced this and not a hoaxer. However, I endorse identity protection in TI organisations as these are typically full of agents and other perps.

This is particularly relevant as there is to be another TI convention in Europe this year. I attended last year and my impression was that the "security" presence was extremely high, so that people could not be sure where their information or images would end up.

By all means use this testimony in any way you choose.
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