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First, I'm not sure of the exact date when it started, but I know that I am targeted since at least 1999. I became aware of this targeting by 2004, the year the cruelties and tortures via the "Mind Control" have been widely emphasized.
In reality, in France, some known French Jewish people started to try to harm me in a hidden manner since about 1989, they have resorted to secret service counter espionage in France (DST: Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire, local FBI) ​​in which they had an anti-democratic power, then, when things started to go bad for them they begin to use secrecy in addition the "State Reason" (its power is infinite in France and it leaves almost no room for justice, it's anti-democratic). Ultimately, they have resorted to secret system "Mind Control", and this sophisticated system has been used in a more obvious when I appealed to the French court, they had already in their hands the "State Reason" (based on a false record) but they closely surround me and they would let anyone understand my affairs or even help me, even for judicial affairs. They isolate me for very many years.
Among the Jews, are nominally identified in France agents of the DST, commissar police, industrialists, leaders of the French Jewish community, ...

The President of the French Republic (former), Mr Jacques Chirac, was directly abused compared to its status via the "Mind Control", and this was also the case for the President of the Republic of Tunisia (former), Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Jews using "Mind Control" system in France and Tunisia have more power via the "Mind Control" than presidents of the republic, and I suspect seriously that is also the case in the United States of America, otherwise it will not consistent; this international power is exercised in a very hidden and usually covers only cases involving the interests of the Jews.

In my case, beyond the frightening torture I endured over many years, beyond also endured torture at some level in all unconsciousness by some members of my family (plus they murdered my father), I announced and I targeted by lawsuits Jewish people seriously involved with corruption cases, industrial espionage carried out at my expense ... Under ordinary conditions, given the evidences that I brought to the courts, many Jews among these individuals should have been heavily punished.

All this will be lies if I did not say that these perpetrators are trying to make me considered as a mental patient while controlling me very closely with the "Mind Control" system. Despite all the evidence I bring against them, they will continue to act in this way, but as we live under the dictatorship of the "Mind Control" system then nothing can stop them, not even the ridiculous.

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