Since last posting, this is what I have observed:
They always try to destroy my electrical equipment. They have ruined 9 radios plus electric toothbrushes, kettles etc. I thought this was only malice, but there may also be another reason.

I now use almost no mains electricity. Everything I use runs off batteries. They will often destroy my equipment, but sometimes they are unable to do so, or they can only knock it out temporarily. With the equipment that they are unable to destroy, the battery does not run out. I have a torch with cheap batteries, I bought a year ago in the discount store. It gives strong light and the battery does not run out.

I think it is running on their energy. I think they destroy your stuff in order to prevent this from happening. I think this happens only with batteries. If the equipment is plugged into the mains, then they use it to steal YOUR energy.
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