Scanning in Verviers

This is my newest scanning video:

I hope that this will inspire others to make similar videos.
Hi Cliff,
Beautiful contribution, what do you do then, after scaning?
Will be the implants removed by someon, how? Scan you also in Netherlands (where you buy that device)? Greeting Krokus
At this moment, the Belgian victims go to Amnesty International.
I don't know whether this is a good idea.
At this moment, I don't have time to do more scanning sessions.
About the detector, you find more info here:
Hallo Cliff,
Bedankt (spreek je nederlands)? Ik ga je privé mailen.[hr]
[quote='Krokus' pid='188' dateline='1353784899']
Hallo Cliff,
Bedankt (spreek je nederlands)? Ik ga je privé mailen.

"You do not have permission to access this pag" sorry geen privé mail toegestaan.
You wrote scanning device information is at:

However, there is no website. You should have identified the device in your written introduction on vimeo. I wrote a comment there.

EMF devices cannot detect passive RFID. You are using the wrong device. See part 3:

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