How does it work?
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" < Cologne? Very simple, they either walked past you or asked one of your kroneoids.

Smell cologne? Not as simple, I am the only person here who is about to answer your question....
Because they are using neuton/xray diffraction they can pickup the emf emmisions from their cranial nerve. They record this onto a tape or a high resolution digital medium. Then from their dedicated uav(s) flying around above where you are 24/7 they play it back to you using a neutron beam pointed straight at your beak. It hits your olofactory nerve and cranial nerve and theres nothing you can do a bout it. A neutron beam can fly through 6ft of lead. This part of the attack will not kill you.">

This is the truth (my cats jump over these rays).
Currently (last night) I am programmed at different levels, industrial (even on solar energy and search for houses for sale, camp-sites etc).
The pulse-installed with a sort of electric ray.
Programs go through my nose / ears / brains and blood circulation, so also through my spine through the night (and during the day, they look witch of these programs they managed). That happened in layers.
At the end they also use "comfabulatie" (this time piece I can self fill...It looks like tape being played).
When not succeed in one program than another, it continius night and day.
If I sleep on my back, I get an electric tap to be turned;
by day, they look which brain hemisphere is active, and then they check straight through my left ear or right.
Only I do not know why so much attention in the toilet?
I am musically accompanied in my artificial dream and when I step inside a store and go through the gate, that certain song seems to be activated. Often I meet someone (gesynchroniceerd with time).
Laast I slept under a clamboe with a metal ring above my head;
they probably irradiated trougt the ring in my eyes so I have now a round dark circle on my lens.
They can this perform without chip.
Have anyone an idea what to do? We have not human rights.
Often I wake up whisper those words to me that they overnight have implanted.

Last week I had surgery on my eye. They are spent hours (macular hole, cornea detachment, ablatio retinae and there is a lot of removed what not in my eye is supposed to be); despite that, they are still present and working, now with my ear? Many of years I not used my insurance, but now increasingly.
New information just in, the gang who are doing the murders could be the lovely Albanian maffia. They are murdering murdering victims all over the world using their bespoke UAV's. They got the money from it via a massive 45million UKP bank robbery in 2004. - FACT !
- Electronic harassment with DEW abuse is ALL done nowadays by criminal gangs using UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles) little planes without pilots that are like helicopters with 4 propellers.

-They use multiple beams which need to cross to burn you.

-The attacks are to kill you slowly to claim life insurance which will have been arranged offshore for the target.

-Targets who have contacted me via my support group have all stated that they get DEW burning sensations much worse at peak electricity grid times. This is why I am 99% sure that the UAV's they use are stealing power by piggybacking onto overhead electricity power lines. I also know this because an estranged acquaintance of the gang (an actual perpetrator who had killed while working for the group using DEW from UAV's) actually told me this verbally. It works using microwave and light beamed power energy from craft to craft.

-Because the oseh stalking groups get between $5-10 for each dead TI (through the fraudulent life insurance claims) after they die of their illness it is hardly an `overkill' for them to be expected to use a daisy chain or 50 separate UAV's for each TI.

- The UAV's are quadroter and are very reliable because they use HARD DISK DRIVE technology.

- The groups do not maintain them because they get millions of dollars of euro's for each TI who dies of their `induced illness' they do not maintain the UAV's just replace them instead. There's a factory churning them out somewhere and mass producing the scummy craft -FACT!

Check my site out now, if your a TI, go to my site now because its the only way you can protect yourself.

Les semf clothing might stop the V2k but it will NO WAY WILL IT stop the new multiple high frequency microwaves multiple beams thieve got on the new UAV's the worldwide criminal group behind the attacks is rolling out now.

- The protection page on my site WILL definitely protect you if you copy what I've done. My DEW attack has really stopped!!

- Don't die, lets all unite as TI's through this site and lets all stop this nasty criminal group from truning us into stinking money.

Thanks folks.

Right here's how it is you government fooled TI's if you don't believe me and still think its the government behind these attacks do you??? and you think the attacks are not to kill you ??? and you believe the lie that they're for government experimentation eh??? and your not going to protect yourself?? eh?? eh?? then your a killer! Why? because if your going to believe your attack's about government mind control and experimentation (and not to kill you for life insurance) and you let yourself die (as TI's are doing left right and centre) you are going to be the reason that a nasty and massive criminal gang get to claim between $5-10million in life insurance pay-outs as little as 3 days after your death. And, once they've got the money what do you think they'll do with it eh? they'll use it to buy more equipment and UAV's to target more people and that's what they're doing right now because the police and governments are doing nothing because of lack of awareness and TI's not being believed.- FACT! So, if your a TI and you don't `believe' your attacks to kill you then that makes you a killer - by proxy? yes by proxy for not protecting yourself and letting yourself die. but your still a killer as far as a truth teller like me is concerned. you must be absolutely crazy if you don't believe the content on this site. I spent thousands drugging and beering up perpetrators and former gang member, risking my own life to get this information and I get death threats five times a day for it and theyre increasing and I don't care. Oh right now, don't go killing yourselves either cos then all the gang say is that you `became ill with depression' and then killed yourself because of your illness. They're not stupid, don't you be stupid okay, don't kill yourself, check out my protection page.. The life insurance still pays out if you die of your `illness; which could include suicide as a direct result of menatl illness.
Government experimentation eh? u f/k/n fools?? get a grip!![hr]
next person I hear of trying to say its happening from satellites.. or any other nonesne like that. There's no way any scientist would be stupid enough to say that fifty omnidirectional radiation point can come from `3 satellites'

Biggest liar I've seen on youtube yet - do a search for `virtual prisons in the US' he is the worst bullsh¬tter I've come across yet. He does such a good job of making TI's believe the ugly false rumour that its `the government'.

If you don't want to die, then please check out my site with the most up to date real hard fact about how and why this crime is tearing humanity to shreds.

Go to my site now please you will learn how to

1. Not die

2. Stop the nasty criminal groups from getting paid from the life insurance they've arranged for you. ;)

Here's the address:

Police responses, the lot, technical explanations, implant info, insider, why its NOT the government, the lot !!

Please would you do me a favour? Go outside at night as soon as the sky is clear and see how many little flashing lights are present above your home. I promise that your attack is happening from multiple UAV's

Please check out my new site:



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The radiation in my house cannot be blocked by tin foil, but it can be blocked by thick metal sheet.


There's a scene with 51 radiation points. Which radiation do you think this is? Which type of frequency and which Mhz? I can block it with thick metal sheet.[hr]
Anyways, it has been going on for more than 7 years, so it didn't kill me in 3 years.

hey aren't these gangs lovely people? ?

If your a TI and you think your attacks not to kill you then you need head examined!!
If your a Ti and you are not putting metal sheets up to block the beams and making your `dog kennel' or enclosure out of steel sheets then you need your head examined too!!

Please see my youtube video's !!! exclusive!!!!

[quote='tjbaker1979' pid='286' dateline='1369317174']
hey aren't these gangs lovely people? ?

If your a TI and you think your attacks not to kill you then you need head examined!!
If your a Ti and you are not putting metal sheets up to block the beams and making your `dog kennel' or enclosure out of steel sheets then you need your head examined too!!

Please see my youtube video's !!! exclusive!!!!


I'm pretty sure now it is the government behind these attacks, the pastor I used to talk to used to be in the U.S army, pretty ironic since the bible says thou shall not kill, and the major pastor has a lot of political influence, I believe they sent all my information to some governmental agency, if it is not the government behind this how come I'm still being harassed in Brazil? now I believe this is all done via satellites

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