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Hi there i am Luca from England . Nice to meet you all of you.
Hi I call myself Rose. I know I'm sane, but unable to find the correct help. Trust me I've looked and I live in a small town and 1 person has said "Isn't that big city stuff". I've been made to look like a fool in this town. PLEASE HELP! I moved over 3000 miles and it has gotten worse plus my health.(my teeth are suddenly in pain)

Roselyn(Rose) McCall[hr]
Hi I call myself Rose. I know I'm sane, but unable to find the correct help. Trust me I've looked and I live in a small town and 1 person has said "Isn't that big city stuff". I've been made to look like a fool in this town. PLEASE HELP! I moved over 3000 miles and it has gotten worse plus my health. (my teeth are suddenly in pain)

PS and to add to Post (tortured a long time)

Roselyn(Rose) McCall
Hi I call myself Rose. I know I'm sane, but unable to find the correct help. Trust me I've looked and I live in a small town and 1 person has said "Isn't that big city stuff". (I'm from the big city when it started) I've been made to look like a fool in this town. PLEASE HELP! I moved over 3000 miles and it has gotten worse plus my health. I've lost more teeth in the last 3 yrs than I had cavities at 16 (people think I'm on Crack but I have a Primary Dr. and taken drug tests and would be willing to use my hair sample). I've gone through many electric shocks especially in the head where I can still feel it( the damage). There's so much more, but it's late and one other thing to add. I've been sexually molested or raped by the electronic equipment, etc.

I've lost practically complete custody of my 12 and half yr old. That i put through private school (not his father). Lost everything and now my animals are being subject to it.
I am feeling so sorry after to have read your message. After 15 years of stalking I realised that alone is impossible to get trough that problem. We must meet up and help each other. At the end of the day we all are "expert" of stalking because we know what it is and how it has been done to us. No one else can understand that ! We are going to died if we are stay here waiting for help.
During the last few weeks, in which i read and browsed a lot of web sites and watched a lot of videos, I understood that a lot of them are false. A lot of them has been created from stalkers to make you understand what the stalkers does. Only a few of the web sites i browsed are really help the people like you and me.
Of course i am not surprise of that, the gangs that stalk are using technique and technology that are sophisticated so we have to be aware that they will do whatever is needed for them to keep that problem quite.
Please message back to me, let me know how you feeling. Remember that they maybe able to delete my/your emails and send emails so to create wrong ideas and most important keep the people like you and me isolated.
Luca my guess is that u r in England. Right? I live in the US. You are right that nobody can fathom the magnitude people will go to to drive another completely to nothingness. I think its right up there with hate crime and even worse because as I write this I can't have no trust ever with who's on the other side or anybody else for that matter. Has yours gone that far? I've lost my support system over this as well. There is more I still haven't told anybody that's close.

greetings from a fellow newbie here tarzan11234. as i stated in my own "Leave a message" thread i am in london and as a fellow citizen i feel its my duty to say hello from me to :)
Hello to you all. I agree that they try to keep us isolated and think it would be a great idea for people being subjected to this in Britain to meet in support of one another. I phoned peter the author of this site a couple of days ago and although he told me he wasn't superman and could not come and save me, just personally talking with him has helped me tremendously.
I'm in Manchester and have been subjected to this for twenty years nowand have all but been destroyed, but only just realized in the last few months what is happening to us all, as they've managed to keep me so isolated and away from the internet. I thought I was being subjected to black magic. I knew I wasn't crazy.
To find this knowledge has been horrific but at least I know what is happening now
I'm struggling at the moment, swinging between feeling so hurt and shocked and trying to find forgiveness for them. Working through the grief of all they have stolen from us. But now that I know, I refuse to let them continue to send me crazy and fearful. I feel sorrow for their black hearts the poor things.
Knowing what they are up to has kind of given me strength as at least I know you all believe me.....anyone I've ever mentioned it to thinks I'm probably mentally best friends words...that hurt so much.
We must try hard to keep our spirits strong. Eat as healthily as we can. Take vitamins, meditate, try learning chi gong or chanting. They will try to prevent us from doing this with their stupid voices, machines, noisy cars blah de blah, but try to keep our focus persistant. Breathe. Stay in our centre. Try hard to find something to make our hearts smile, for this is our life force and can strengthen our bodies and minds. Try your best to keep your home clean and tidy no matter how exhausted you are. Turn your grief and pain to strength.
I think it would be great if a few of us could meet and find a way to become pro active, as has the author of this site in holland, by making the knowledge available to the wider public somehow. Maybe we could develop some kind of strategy programme. An external one to spread awareness and an internal one for personal health, wellbeing and strength. I am about to receive a powerful tibetan Buddhist chant from a monk which is used for protecting against evil attacking forces. If anyone thinks this maybe of help to them, please let me know and I will share it. The voices cant seem to get through when you chant.Try a simple one for now such as Om mani Beh meh hung focusing on the space between your eyes or in your heart. Its hard at first, your nose will itch and there will be other distractions. Let go of them and focus on the chant. Start for 5 mins everyday for a week and slowly build it up. You can find the meaning of the mantra via search engines. All meditation strengthens intuition therefore the sustainment of practice is important as it's cumulative, and it can help you to feel more peace and know when others aren't really who they say they are. Lets let go of the fear and pain and lonliness and find our strength and a way of healing. Love to you all
Hi everybody im sure we are all dealing with the same enemy. I am going so freaking crazzy over this whole insane situation. My terrifying experiance started about 3 1/2 months ago. I think its freakin so messed up in so many ways how there aloud 2 strip u of ur rights and just so many other things. im 25 and really confused as all hech. wy are they doing this 2 us?;( im not the smartest of the pick but i caught on farely quick. it is completely destroying my life. i can think of a few reasons why they might b doing these demonic things 2 people. but also my opinion is that they feel they are doing a good deed 2 the country. By catching future criminals etc. I would really like 2 talk further on are horrible situation we are all in as a small group of individuals. I really need 1 of u vets here on this site 2 put me up 2 speed on alot of things PLEASE... I have went 2 the state hospital a few weeks ago 2 find out that hey i am still sane. After being released after just 1 week witch is very strange 4 a patient 2 b released after that when i got home n my room my situation worsend and the echoed voices & mind controle had increased. Well at this time i realized the seriousness of my problem. And started researching the topic. I am so confused that the government or whatever agency is behind it is allowing this 2 happen 2 american citizens. Why Why Why anyways i recieved a threat 2nite that they would kill me due 2 the reasons i guess they have red flagged me, as well if i were 2 mention anything about it publicly. so that was my last straw furtanately i am a little worried and dont knw how 2 start getting help from other that have been victims 4 several yrs. i am feeling sick, teeth hurting slightly and heavy microwaving n my room. Please can some of u guys and gals please contact me however yall do it im new 2 this like i said i really want 2 give up already but want 2 put my mark n the dirt if u knw what i mean...
David, Daisybell, Kyri, Rose, tarzan....

It makes me sade to read your story's.
I'm a victim for 4 years or longer.
But please keep strong!!
It will come will be revealed!

Love to you all,


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