Helping other victims is the only thing that won't depress me.
I was born and raised in Brazil,I was in Argentina for a while and now I'm back home,if i'm about to die at least I die at home, I don't know about any victims here in Brazil, does it happens only on a nato country? at least I have contacted some victims via youtube and a lot of the victims turn into homeless people,the best I could do is doing a few donations,I was targeterd while living in Michigan U.S about a year and half ago,and all the hate that was burning inside of me was just rotting my body I had to learn how to forgive if I wanted to live, but I know they can attack a victim at any place in the world, I still can feel some weird type of energy in my body,sometimes my hand shakes like I had some nerve damage or something,I never had high blood pressure as well and now I must take pills to reduce it and by the way I'm the same guy with the nickname antizionchurch I had to change my email adress and couldn't remember the password.

Can anyone tell how they target and what is source like phone or any other thing via they get the location .

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