My Story about Gang Stalking & Electronic Harassment in France
Electronic Harassment exists. It is not a mental illness.

I am French originally African. I was a medical student at Oradea Faculty of Medicine in Romania. I was forced to stop my studies due to a serious problem that appeared at the beginning of my 4th year in Oradea. All seems to be a very long nightmare. Despite the fact that am not a high profile person (no criminal record), I am continuously subject to 24/surveillance, followed when going out and electronically tortured in my home. House is no longer safe to live in. I am also followed, electronically abused in my friends’ houses. I think the police departments or the secret services in Romania and in France are involved in my harassment and torture using electronic devices (directed energy weapons). only the governmental agencies have access to this kind of sophisticated equipments.They also use different terroristic tactics on me every single day like sleep deprivation, for example. Lawyers can not help with my problem. Until now I don’t know why I am targeted to this point! Both countries agencies are holding a secret about me and they refuse to talk about it. I am Muslim but I am neither a criminal nor a terrorist.

I started the first year of medical studies in Oradea, a small town in Romania near the Hungarian borders. It was in 2009-2010. I used to live in France before that time. My problem has started at the first year with some problems with other students in the English section. An European student in the upper classes who was also the head of the students association tried to have my attention but I was not interested. He tried many times even through my face book (I don’t have one anymore) but I always refused him. He then decided to destroy my life as a result of his revenge. As he was very good in computers and the new technology, he hacked, destroyed my computers, stolen my mails, Skype conversations, tapped my phone. I was receiving strange and threading messages through my computer and my phone, they say that all my conversations were going to be published. He entered in contact with everybody with whom I had had argues in the past (most of them were members of the students association). Together, they turned my life in a real hell by using the mobbing method. I had many friends, a very good social life inside and outside the school. They destroyed all that by spreading rumors and lies about me. People started to flee me, even those who never talked to me before. I lost most of my friends. I tried to ask why some people began to be weird with me but I was labeled as mentally sick when I asked. I was mobbed in all the faculties. This psychological pressure went on for 3 year. I did not understand what was going on until the end of my third year. I knew that something was going behind my back but I didn’t know what or how to deal with it! I talked to my best friends about all: the isolation, the rumors, the insults, the hacking, the threats, the vandalism and the thefts of my properties. I even met a psychiatric doctor who is also a teacher at the school, I told her my story. I was advised to ignore the preps and to continue my way. And this is exactly what I did but the perps never let me alone. They wanted more than ruining my reputation, more than just isolating me. They wanted my complete destruction as a result of their hate and revenge. The psychological pressure was extreme. Every new single day there were new recruited and involved people. They were many and I was alone, who would believe in my story? I contacted the Romanian police for the hacking and threaten messages, I showed them the evidences (I took pictures of everything). The police simply ignored me. I told the police in France as well; they told me they could not do anything because I was living in another country, they asked me to contact the Romanian police. I met the Romanian consul in Paris who told me the same. I was totally lost and scared, I was not feeling secured in Oradea because the perps tried to murder me many times in the past. The head of the student (now former) already threaten me by telling me that I was going to be sent to a Palliative service. One of their local friends tried to crash me with the car (I saw the driver s face), I was poisoned the day of the surgical semiology exam during 3d year, something serious happened during my general surgery practice. In three years they managed to make me appear as the most hated person in my class, in the school but also in the small town. Their gang stalking method worked perfectly, they used all the destructive tactics against me but I stayed despite everything. By the end of the third year I finally found out about the gang stalking crime and who was behind all of my suffering. I then decided to talk to the former president of the students association. He was in the 6th year at that time. I took a friend of mine who was also in the same class as him. I put all in the table but he denied everything despite the facts, he also told many lies. I then decided to write a paper telling the truth and the lies about me. I distributed it at school. The former president felt threaten he called his best friend (who is a real criminal). His friend collected all my paper after my departure (as I was told later), they were afraid of the truth because they will appear as liars. They then decided to get rid of me, to end it all.
Then I left back to France for holidays doubting about nothing.
I came back to Oradea at the beginning of October 2012 to start my the 4th year. Strange things started to happen in the second week of my arrival. I was followed in the street, everywhere I go by many, many local people. Somebody took my picture in the street. I started to have several and serious tachycardia for no reason, even when relaxed at home. My skin was burning; I was so tired for no raison. I noticed that the people upstairs (steps) are following me in every room I enter. I was not able to sleep; I was wakened up every night at 3 am. I as terrorized, what is going on? I made a lot of researches. I then found out about electronic harassment and gang stalking. I told the police of Oradea. They had two solutions for me;
1- Either to consult a psychiatric doctor.
2- Or to transfer to another school, they even suggested to help me with the transfer (they knew it was impossible as the year s already started and no transfer was possible).
I contacted the French consul who told me that they were nothing he could do. He advised me to go back to France if I was feeling unsafe.
I then decided to go back to France for a while. I felt very sick during the flight. I thought I was going to die. I arrived at Charles de G airport, I took a new number I put the card in my phone and suddenly I got a strange coded text message from a French number that I never knew.
I started to see many different people around my house following me everywhere. I was scared; I couldn’t go out to shop without being followed. I called the police many times, they ignored me. The last time they asked me to go to a police station I went there, it was 2am, my neighbor put me in front of the station and he left. I stayed from 2 am to 5 am, they finally told me that the person who used to take the complains was not there, they asked me to go to another station, I took a taxi, I left at 5 am I arrived to another police station they kept me until 6am then rejected me out for no raison, I went to another, same scenario, until I arrived to the last one in the north of Paris (I didn’t understand that the objective is to send me as far from my house as they can to expose me to the biggest and the most horrible street theatre). I entered the station, many police men were there, they took my bag look inside it as if they were looking for something then they rejected me out. it was 7-8 am Saturday (November 2012).where I was an easy target for a crazy number of people specially hired to terrorize me : police men, ambulance cars, cleaning companies, and many strange people , they followed me in an every single street in Paris, I was chased as a rabbit. I was scared to death, I thought it was a long nightmare I wanted to wake up but all was true. I was obliged to run in front of the cars, they were taking my pictures; I lost my shoes, my bag with all my money inside. I finally landed in a friend’s house. He also witnessed the strange police concentration in front of his house. I was in a miserable condition, he took me to my doctor who advice to see a psychiatric doctor, I refused (I have doubts about my doctor because we met him by accident in the street, all was planned). Then my nightmare continued with the electronic harassment 24/7(mainly done by neighbors) and the sleep deprivation in my flat but also in my cousin’s house. The electronic harassment results in severe tachycardia (they are able to increase or decrease my heart beat or body temperature) and this makes me feel very tired. I tried to talk about it around me but I was falsely admitted to a Parisian psychiatric hospital where I was forced to take drugs against my will, the main purpose of this hospitalization was to totally discredit me. I stayed there for several days for observations then they released me.
After this hospitalization, I lost most of my friends and the ones left believe in the mental illness, very hard to take.
I left France to my home country for a while for peace, the attacks had stopped there, I came back to Paris and they started again after a few months. Until today they still attack me during my sleep, they manly target my head; the density became lower but still hurts. The most horrific thing is the sleep deprivation. They keep me awake until the morning. The radiations come mainly from the upstairs flats. The same steps are following me in every single space in my home. Despite the lake of evidences I am now aware about it. I understand exactly what is happening to me .
I tried to get back to Romania as I have no other choice; I have to finish my studies. I contacted the universities there in early July, I applied to other faculties than Oradea but I was rejected for no clear raison. The schools did all, told lies about the inscription procedures to block me. They asked impossible paper, they gave a very short time to handle them. I understood then that I am not allowed to go back to Romania any more. I really don’t know what the problem is. I am considered as a dangerous person in Romania but also in France but why? Nobody can tell me! Is it because of my origins, my religion or because some people went to the Romanian police and told serious lies about me? The Romanian and the French authorities are holding something serious about me and I don’t know WHAT!
I feel so bad because they are destroying me physically and psychologically. I am treated as a criminal or/and a terrorist for no reason. Only god can help in my case.

I went to visit a frien this week end. His lives in a separated house outside Paris. the perps found me there, as they do everywhere i go (sai dont know how they do to locate me. This night, I wittnessed the worst electronic harassment ever. they simply burned my head to prevent me to sleep, as they do useually.

PS: Pease use google to look for electronic harassment (Harcelemnt Electromagnetique)before you make any judgment. they are many, many victimes of this kind of horrible crime in France but also all around the world.


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