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New term conceived for law enforcement on electromagnetic technology assaults - tjbaker1979 - October 25, 2012

Hi, I am ready to share information with you about how to play it cool with your governernment.

1. The attack is taking place through directed energyweapons which are mounted to HALO-RPAV's (High altititude long endurance remotely piloted airborn vehicles)

2. You cant see them very often because they fly at near stratospheric alittudes.

3. To cause the bodily injuries they need more than one HALO-RPAV(so that the beams cross and heat bodily tissue)

4. If you keep moving around you will not be able to be killed.

5. The attacks carry the watermark of a heirarchial criminal group that has no relation to any government dept. they are not a `black governernment'. (except possibly in oppressive regimes)

6. The deniability and misdiagnosis potential for the victim is at the heart of their cunning-ness.

7. Do not report the V2k to your doctor. Report the perception of frey effect hearing which stops happening when you are at basemnt level or withing a large building.

8. Keep your eyes open for the HALO-RPAV's on a clear night. Get witnesses. There may be up to 50 of them (or more!) This IS how its happening guarenteed!

9. They have to lower them to cook you!

10. They need to use the white strobe to know where in airspace they are because only on/two of the HALO-RPAV's will have GPS spoof.

11. Just imagine, because the HALO-RPAV's are sattelite controlled, there must be an each-way comms channel. Are they spoofing as analogue/digital sattlite phones or pagers? And, who uses them anyway.

12. Which sattelite constellation is controlling this sh!tty ugly murder stinking uglyness ??

13. Next coroner to not listen to the truth is getting egged for it.

14. Person becomes ill as a result of mental illness and then becomes delusional and kills themselves. They arrange life insurance over 100 times and they get special policies that pay out.

15. Does it not make you want to vomit that the government dont give a flying??

16. Does the government not give a flying because too many websites are trying to make out their democratic governement is behind the murders.

17. Why on earth is nobody finding out where the factory is thats churning out these disgusting things.

18. I saw one at 300ft and it looked a little like a yamaha rmax uav. Ladies and gents.. please get looking, and.. stop dying, start moving and get your windows saturated in tin foil or iron sheets..

19. When they call you crackers... keep calm, in the UK they can now incarcerate under new 2007 mental health act for practically no illness at all and juyst serious distress.. talking too fast and having dulu's (delusions) = BANG (loud hospital door closing for 2 years.

20. If that happens, get smashing your windows (through which your murder is being conducted. And hope they put you in a part of the hospital that doesent have any and where you are surrounded by structural walls. Pray that after smashing the hospital windows that they dont pump you full of lithium and tape you to your bed... RIP :{

While keeping still, they can distort your heart valve in THREE MINUTES. And you die.

Want to share evidence....

+44(0)7901 376 848

I want people to write descriptions of those ugly flying objects.


RE: New term conceived for law enforcement on electromagnetic technology assaults - Krokus - October 26, 2012

Hi, Tjbaker1979,
I have sent you a private message, but still have no answer?

RE: New term conceived for law enforcement on electromagnetic technology assaults - tjbaker1979 - March 04, 2013

== How electronic harassment is being performed in the modern day ==

Electronic harassment is currently being

performed by [ interconnected criminal groups who are using

multiple quadrotor drones] used in a co-ordinated fashion in the airspace above each targeted individual. Each UAV

directs a beam of ions or RF energy at the target usually through windows or not structural walls. Heat is produced

at the point where the beams merge and this causes cell death. This process is continued for up to several years

eventually causing the symptom of death in the target.

The drones appear will appear as lights in the sky above

each target. The reason for the lights is owing to the fact that the drones make use of power beaming technology to

deliver power to their onboard electronic equipment and their propellers so they can remain in-flight for

indefinate periods of time. There is evidence that the drones/UAV's are powered by stealing electricity from

distribution networks by way of perching a UAV directly ontop of high voltage grid cables and then beaming power

onward to another craft then another in a daisy chain fashion. The worldwide criminal entity performing the

electromagnetic assaults are rumoured to be developing or already have developed atomic powered craft which can run

without stolen power and provide power to neighbouring craft which which direct electromagnetic radiation very

precisely at a target.

Governemnts around the world are currently unable to stop this happening to victims. Victims

are often not beleived when they attempt to report the fact that they are experienceing electronic harassment

because of the invisible nature of the crime. Many victims will be placed into psychiatric hospitals where

unfortunately the directled energy assault can then be conducted very easily through the hospital's many windows.

Electronic harassment continues to be happening all over the world and victims numbers are increasing.