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OMG sombody help... - angel - September 08, 2012 03:10

I live in San Diego ,the things that been done to me are inhumane ,every day is like nightmare ,don`t know what to do where to go or who to trust ,everyone around me think I just have mental problem and on and on ...I can go on for hours ,looking for solutions and safe place to sleep ...sleep has not been possible either ...someone please help me ,don`t know what I`m alowed to post here ? Angel

RE: OMG sombody help... - MotherAvenger - September 09, 2012 16:00

Hi Angel,

I've sent you a private message.

Mother Avenger

RE: OMG sombody help... - kyri - September 13, 2012 15:09

i feel your sentiments. and hope things change for you. keep your chin up. and try to leave the dark thoughts out of your mind. love peace and forgiveness are the only way