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[WIKI] Shielding: Radiofrequency: Absorption by carbon and graphite - energyweaponsatme - February 09, 2017

Carbon fibers, graphite and charcoal absorb electrical fields and radiofrequency. Carbon black (velostat and linqstat) merely absorb electrics fields and are in the shielding: electrical wiki.

Carbon Fibers

[Shielding: Brain] [Shielding: Room] Shielding with carbon or charcoal sheeting. 'Mind Control Systems: The Gear You Need' by Tim Rifat (2012)

[Shielding room] Microwave absorbing urethane foam impregnated with a dielectrically matched conductive carbon. Warning: Polyurethane offgasses formaldehyde.


[Shielding: Radiofrequency: Absorbing] [Shielding: Electrical] Graphite

[Shielding: Radiofrequency: Absorption] [Shielding: Home] Make your own graphite paint

[J] [Shielding: Radiofrequency] Extraordinary Synergy in Attenuating Microwave Radiation with Cobalt-Decorated Graphene Oxide and Carbon Nanotubes in Polycarbonate/Poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile) Blends

Carbon Fibers

[Shielding: Radiofrequency] Carbon Fibers

[J] [Shielding: Radiofrequency] [Brain Zapping: Imaging] Accusorb MRI torso wrap, vest, blanket and curtains RF shield manufactured by MWT Materials Inc.


Shungite is a rock containing carbon found only in Russia.

Shungite and EMF protection pendants

Paramagnetic resonance of Shungite - A natural nano-structured carbonaceous material

Growing Plants Using Shungite by EnvironmentalRadiation

Helmets, bags, pillows, etc to pack carbon fibers or charcoal in

[Shielding: Brain] [Shielding: Radiofrequency: Absorption] Aviator helmets

[Shielding: Radiofrequency] Pocket in money belts and jogging belts is too narrow to pack shielding material in. Fanny packs have ample space.

[Shielding: Radiofrequency: Absorption] Pillow covers to pack carbon fiber sheets in.

[Shielding: Radiofrequency: Absorption] Various size bags to pack charcoal in.