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Donate to FFCHS - soh0ryan - June 06, 2014

FFCHS is making big breakthroughs in shielding just now and I urge you to donate to their work. FFCHS, if you are reading this, we need to know, not only what works, but also why it works.

RE: Donate to FFCHS - energyweaponsatme - May 24, 2015

No, FFCHS did not make breakthrough in shielding. Their website didn't have shielding information. See the shielding wikis in the wiki index of /r/electromagnetics and /r/targetedenergyweapons on

Derrick Robinson, the former president and treasurer, embezzled donations. The board of directions removed him. Derrick Robinson retaliated by dissolving FFCHS' nonprofit status.