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The latest device of the devil - soh0ryan - September 14, 2013 14:07

With the help of John Mecca, I was for the first time able to hear the command to urinate. Usually it is just a hiss around my head and then I have to use the toilet. I expected it to be in English, but to my surprise it was in a foreign language. It seems my subconscious is being educated to respond to commands I do not consciously understand.

RE: The latest device of the devil - prediker - November 28, 2014 11:45

Hearing voices is a sign that you are under the strong influence of the devil.
For help go to a group of true Christians.
Visit some Pentecostal churches and tell them your problem.
I refuse to discuss in connection with the NWO appointed trolls
My english is not good. More info