Full Version: Tips on protecting yourself
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I don't know what exists in Europe; In New York there's a store, Their website is
They have various clothes and materials to make clothes out of, as well as stools and certain devices.
This is also a good way to tell just how bad they want to destroy your life, in my case I never get what I order or the tools and devices arrive broken.
I've talked to a few other people that I actually got what they ordered and their lives seriously improved.
I get a lot of targeting to my feet. I find that it is very difficult to protect my feet and it can be more effective, rather than finding shoes or socks to protect them, to go barefoot. Barefoot, the feet are more mobile, it is harder for the perps to lock onto one toe, and, if they do, you can deal with it straight away.

Brulé Parlesilluminés

I don't find the website you mentionned :


Do you know the entire address ?