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Sometimes victims who believe they are attacked by electronic weapons, contact me and ask me how they can make other people believe them. What they are looking for is some proof of their sanity.

Today, if you mention you are attacked by electronic weapons, you are advised to go see a doctor and often get diagnosed a schizophrenic because that is what the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) says.

I believe that victims of these crimes should NEVER visit a psychologist or psychiatrist. If you are convinced you are sane, like most people, but the psychologist or psychiatrist is plain stupid or is compromized in one way or the other, (false) diagnosing you with a mental disorder will mean that your life is more or less over. You cannot take this risk! If you really are a target, the aim is to eliminate you. What can be more easy for your attackers to have you diagnosed a schizo? Case closed.

Are there any tests that can prove your sanity anyway? I asked a victim who is a doctor himself if there are tests that can show your sanity. He replied that there are tests like Rorschach, Thematic Apperception test, Personality profile, MMPI, which can be of help in proving a persons psychological state, fMRI is helpful in ruling out hypofrontality.

I will update this section if I have read more about these tests and if a psychologists or psychiatrist can do these tests with you.

Maybe some of these tests are also part of some Career Assessment Tests.

Will try to do more research and let you know.
Hi Peter

You might find this article relevant:

Hi, Peter,

Excellent advice. The short article at the following link also reports on some biomarkers of schizophrenia that are being researched and are thus not yet available, but it sounds as if they may become available in the near future:

proof of sanity?, perhaps they should start measuring, these signals aren't exactly 'subtle' , they are meant to punish, the energy could be between 500 and 2000 watts.
If they are powerful enough to destroy electronic cirquits as reported by victims (obM
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