Full Version: We search a name for a new website about implants
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We search a name for a new website about implants.
On this website there will be documentation of proven implant cases.
Post your ideas here.
What did you find the best name?

I also like the last two listed above!
Hi, is online.
Most work is still to do.
The idea is to create 2 databases, one with implants, one with victims.
A summary of those databases appears in the "Background" pages.
Victims get a status.
The highest status is "confirmed by doctor" or even "analyzed by technician".
They appear in the "gallery".
The others can register in a "waiting room".
This is for people who suspect that they have implants, they have anomalous signals, lumps and so on, but no real proof.
The registration will be done using a program that you can download.
This program has checklists for gang stalking and electronic harassment.
So people who complain about gang stalking alone can also register.
Then you can click a button and the program will generate a HTML page so you can preview how it will appear on the website.
The checklists can be saved to a file that you send by e-mail to me.
Then I generate a HTML page that I upload to the website.
The advantage of such a registration program is that the website itself is simple HTML and the text can be typed in Unicode even on simple computers.
And I can turn text into pictures, so text in different fonts and script systems can appear on the same page, even when the fonts and script systems are not installed on the computer.
Keep up the good work Cliff!

Heb je een mailtje gestuurd :)

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