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I'm busy to find solutions and I found several websites with technical solutions;
create your own rfid scanner:

Radio - frequency identification:

RFID scanners / video

How to block / kill RFID chips

ICACT Tortured Individuasl

Targeted indivudals speak

Targeted individuals Europa

Scientists make monkeys smarter using brain implants.

GASLIGHTING tactic (not to trust their own memory and desinformation)

Please place more suggestions / Good luck

thank you for these links. hopefully i can add a few of my own soon
thank you for the links.

the more we organize and help each other, the sooner we can put an end to the tyranny.

I want to start a shielding tips thread. Can you tell me how to start a new thread?

It's a bit of a duh question but, seriously, i don't know how to do it.
Hi MotherAvenger,
You goes as follows;
click here:
"Leave a message"
then choose your button at the top of right (NEW THREAD)
There you fill in to Thread Subject and Your Message:
Good luck, Krokus
not sure if linking to other forums is allowed. but i found an interesting article at one of my favorite places today
Just saw how to post a new thread.

Thanks for the info, Krokus!

Can anyone tell how they target and what is source like phone or any other thing via they get the location .

How this technology work i mean they use DNA , image of person .